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In Chernivtsi Central Square next to the city 'Monument to Taras Shevchenko paid tribute to patrol city ' Five killed in police patrol. Dnipro.

In honor come Police patrol leader Oleg Joseph in Chernivtsi, police, journalists, volunteers, all indifferent, writes molbuk.ua
Fallen observed a minute of silence. Also present sang the anthem of Ukraine. Tears rubbed both women and men. Oleg Joseph made a speech, and then stood before the photographs of dead colleagues to his knees.

-In this moment begins the farewell ceremony of the heroes of the young people who gave their lives for our safety with you. I ask all to support the Dnieper, to support families who lost their loved ones and honor our friends, our colleagues a moment of silence - said Oleg present Joseph. - We never break anything that would be a situation in our lives are. We will always be Ukrainian and will defend our land and try to do everything in order to live in a secure Ukraine.

-I am sure that officers will remain in our memory forever - continued O. Joseph. - And the evidence that we will always remember them, we will of both the police honest attitude to our service. Our commitment to duty that we took upon his shoulders. But always should be to support the community.

-We gathered in order to pay tribute to our young officers - Olga was born in 1980 and younger Artem birth in 1989 - said the head of the patrol police. - They were little kids. In young daughter of an officer of the day was the birthday, she was three years old. Believe me, always leaving the service, we remember that we are waiting at home. It seems that the service is easy, but you see what the situation in the country. Now I urge anyone who criticizes police just think about it. Consider what happens. Yes, not everything is perfect. Not everything is perfect. But it is not so immediately. Now I do not want to spend some agitation, so that the public has moved to the side of the police, no. I wish that all thinking and realized that this work, this service is also hard Fallen ... no longer return. They will be in our hearts forever. We can only pray and our attitude to life to prove that they are not just killed. Not just because it gave the most precious thing God has given us - life. Let the earth they will be down. The kingdom of heaven them ...

Recall morning of 25 September in the Dnipro attacker patrol shot police who stopped his car for a traffic violation, and wounded his companion. Later patrol wounded died during the operation.

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26-09-2016, 14:12

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