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The writer, translator Andrew Lyubka presented his new book " room for sadness " and spoke about the creative plans.

The book " room for sadness " was published Meridian Czernowitz. This " plot collection of unrelated stories, which, however, can be considered novel, if we accept the thesis that the main character of this novel is loneliness " .

" That is, why you fled, you catches "

The Andrew Lyubka spoke about the new book:

" In my apartment in Uzhgorod is the room where I make different things and it - it's like a warehouse. I thought that in this room a special atmosphere. And in her new scent. There's always dried my things. And this smell washed shirts, detergents seemed to me so enjoyable. I wanted to write about a room that loss limit reality " - said the writer.

- I started to write in 2012 - said the writer. - It was quite a turbulent time in my life, due to the fact that I was living abroad, returned, something happened ... Honestly, it seemed to me that I love to travel. Now I realize that just tried on my own escape. Because when you go to bed, you feel alone " .

Andrew Lyubka read at the presentation of one of the stories of " Rooms for sadness " called " A woman and matches " . The story is about a romantic relationship with a girl from Iran, which the hero of the story met in Poland, where she studied at the university. They began dating, however, the prospects for these relations had since informed immediately Oriental beauty lover that her father had found her husband. So, having gone on a vacation home, as more and she did not return and did not respond to any e-mail from the hero of the story. More they never saw ... "
it really was a story in the life of Andrew Lyubko writer not admitted.

" Reading develops the intellect and imagination "

- Andrew, why there was such a transition - from sharp-social, satirical " Carbide " to melancholy and psychological " rooms sadness " ?

- I just wanted to switch. Not at writing the same thing. Actually, " The room for sadness " I wrote four years. The stories are written so that you wrote one and then six months did not write, but there gathering some sentences idea and then builds it all. And, actually, in between writing " rooms sadness " I wrote " Carbide " . " Carbide " - it was an idea that has grown in the novel. And then gradually you collect these stories. This book is full of peace.

- Is something changed after your " Carbide " in Transcarpathia those problems that you describe - smuggling, corruption?

- Gennady Moskal, likely a subdued under him all these streams of smuggling, but it turns out that it also simulates the active struggle and gives very good interview. But the last thing that was, is when a neutral zone between the border by border guards of the two countries should keep, so cut down the forest and not taken anywhere, just to Slovakia, says a lot. Has changed little, frankly.

- What do you think is more of a problem - social isolation or unsettled many of our citizens?

- I think that loneliness - this is the problem of all. People just alone in some of the United States, where the standard of living is much better. Or, say, of Denmark or Sweden, people often jump from its high windows, in order to commit suicide than us. The problem is that this influence is very different factors. For example, in the North is affected by the absence of light. Loneliness - is when you're not on a desert island, and the humans. Because even with the closest people we still will not reveal themselves until the end. There are some nooks that we do not show. We are born alone, paruyemosya, trying to continue the race, to be with someone. But understand and know ourselves only we ...

- Do not say you real prototypes heroes of your novels at the meeting: " Write, do not write, but the phenomenon is still a long time to disappear " ?

- book - is a long-term perspective. For example, in Germany so why financial support reading? As a person who reads, developed imagination, it is subject to discovery. For developed technology, even in order to create some kind of computer game, you must have imagination. Reading develops the intellect, and it is very necessary for society of the third millennium. You do not need a hammer only hollow, but must use the brain. Reading can educate taste. And when you taste something there, you already think, or give some people a hand if it does not meet your taste, behaves unworthily is corrupt. Is it worthy of all that is around you, how you see the world. And you begin to slowly change it. That is, it changes your value system. But this is very long process.

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