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In Vanchikivtsi Novoselytsia district established only on the territory of Bukovina production of fuel pellets from straw.

The initiator it became known in the land business manager 75 years HLIHOR Stepan, who now heads the agro-industrial private-rental company, which includes the company " Vanchykivskyy Golden Spike " .

- We have up to 2000 hectares of arable land, grow almost all the grain group, that straw is enough - says Stephen Savich. - Energy prices are rising all the time, so I thought it would be good if straw to make bricks. First we would like to order equipment for making briquettes of straw in Kramatorsk, and there is a war. And the search is still unsuccessful: in Kamenetz-Podolsk is a plant " Enerhobioresurs " who also mastered the production process equipment for the production of pellets from straw. It is worthwhile within two million. However, straw has yet to tyukuvaty, grind. In short, the whole production line has cost us four million. Now we can produce up to 2500 tons of pellets a year, and, on its own raw materials. One ton of pellets replace seven cubic meters of wood, the cost per ton 1700 UAH. For the money you will not buy wood. Our products are already interested many consumers. One of them - Chernivtsi heating system.

Works sinoskladi production in the former area of 1200 square meters. The equipment occupies little space. Another area - is the straw bales. Raw enters a kind of centrifuge, which is ground and enters the main unit, which also pressed her into pellets that resemble cigarettes. Chemistry is not used at all, just add a little water to pressing was the best. That made clean fuel. In the shift is four-five workers. Production capacity is such that the volume of production can be doubled, but everything will depend on market demand. The adjacent area under film contains hundreds of tonnes of straw bales.

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24-09-2016, 16:39

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