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Open competition for the vacant position of head of the Department of Culture of Chernivtsi City Council on 23 September.

It its concept development of culture in Chernivtsi presented three candidates: former official, singer Marina Tymofiychuk, leader of the group " Hutsul Calypso " Bogdan Fedchuk, deputy city council faction " People's control " Julia Saftenko writes

in the first round Bohdan Fedchuk in the tender committee any comments that he was not aware of the legal framework. So after the first round Bogdan Fedchuk decided to withdraw his candidacy " I will go, right? - He asked in an interview with one of the committee members. - Well, then I went on tour " .

After the second round candidates came from the cabinet and members of the tender committee expressed their views. Most converged on the fact that Yulia Saftenko has more experience for this position. As for Marina Tymofiychuk, it proposed to include the personnel reserve (however, when Marina Tymofiychuk it was informed, she refused).

According to the candidacy of Yulia Saftenko voted four, three abstentions. Among those who abstained - Deputy Mayor Alexander PASKAR . He explained his position that, indeed, the concept of the culture of the city, represented by Julia Saftenko, in his view, more convincing.

Yes, I was still in the ATO and remember Marina Tymofiychuk came and performed concerts in front of the soldiers, - said A. Paskar. - Because of this I can not vote against it. So I refrain from voting.

Thus, the new head of the city department of culture became Julia SAFTENKO . She was dressed in a shirt embroidered with beads.

-It grandmother's amulet, she embroidered her and gave me - said Julia Saftenko correspondent - In some important measures I put this shirt and it protects me. Grandmother 87 years, love her very much, she left me one.

First, head of the Culture newly acquainted with the creative heads of all institutions of the city.

- The first step in the post - adequately prepare for the City Day. I want to get around and meet with the staff, all the cultural institutions that are subordinate to the city - said Yuri Saftenko. - I still make such internal audit that I zzhylasya people saw the heads of those institutions. This is the first thing I do in office. I want, so that no one could say that nothing is done, there is no any cultural events. For a lot done, but obviously not enough. Because our culture - it is always a residual financial moment.

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23-09-2016, 16:12

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