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Within " Studio City " in Chernivtsi held the first public meeting of the patrol police and the public, which discussed the challenges and opportunities of cooperation.

First, patrol described their obov_amp_ # 96; bandages and what is not in their authority because there are many complaints from citizens that the police do something. Acting Deputy Chief of Patrol Police Chernivtsi Paul Semeniuk explained that the authority patrol are all administrative offense, but criminal cases transferred investigative team summoned to the scene, that disclose criminal cases can not patrol.

"Unfortunately, this problem is solved in Ukraine. Patrol police in the force put her problems in identifying it or nationals of this type of offense (criminal - Ed.), Captures the offense should pick explanation the applicant, people on the ground and is investigative team, subordinated to the General Directorate of national police. This is a completely different body, we can not control them. Why are the authorities who have to perform those tasks do not fulfill them, I can not to give an answer "- explains P.Semenyuk.

One of the participants Lubomir asked whether to install surveillance cameras, such as playgrounds to supervision carried out by the police.

" In the city of Chernivtsi in fact more than 130 cameras now, and the network will only increase. All this information flow goes to the Main server management, including 35 of the city council chambers. We are working in order to extend cable with fiber to the entire array of information was in us. When we call 102, they are also on monitors these images from the cameras. When a statement or theft or an accident with z_amp_ # 96, the Congress of the place is a good chance that one of the cameras will record this fact, then you can play as events occur. If you need somewhere camera or shoot a video of it, you can contact the patrol police. We as civil servants will zobov_amp_ # 96; related to redirect your request to the agency that can provide you with the answer. This is a very good initiative, it is best to contact the General Management or the City Council " - said Mr. Semeniuk.

He said: " People really are afraid to call 102, they think that they will carry every day to provide explanations. But without it we do not do our city a better place. And if you see any offense and patrol does not respond, call 102 on another patrol, that figure everything out " . In view of this proposal was made to do regular meetings with the police to be able to decide whether roz_amp_ # 96; yasnyuvaty certain points and better communicate with citizens.

The police remind, people should call 102 if:
- violating traffic rules;
- rozpyvayut alcohol in streets, squares, parks, public transport;
- smoking in prohibited areas, particularly on playgrounds, in pid_amp_ # 96; yizdah residential buildings, public transport and at bus stops, in health zdorov_amp_ # 96; I schools and catering;
- violate the silence between 22:00 to 8:00, that include loud music, noise and carry out maintenance work at the time and on weekends at any time;
- use foul language in public, offending or cling to other citizens;
- commit violence sim_amp_ # 96; nd use firearms or air guns and so on.

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