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Students fourth, seventh and eighth graders have not received all the textbooks for learning. The children share books are old and used electronic books.

" Although the new textbooks is missing, learning takes on old books - noted in Chernivtsi school 2. - Children also enjoy e-books " .

On the situation with textbooks tell 2 school librarian and director Anatoly Smolsky this school Oksana Pokalska.

- Text is, but in insufficient quantities, - says Anatoly Smolsky. - Not enough books for fourth, seventh and eighth grades. However, in the eighth grade, almost all textbooks come. Looking only on geometry and Ukrainian literature. Another week or two should be the other books. For the fourth and seventh grade are textbooks in all subjects, but they are not enough.

" For example, for seventh graders lacks two textbooks on mathematics. But the fact that orders for textbooks we did last year, and for a time contingent of students increased by two - says Oksana Pokalska. - In this regard between the schools there is a collaboration. We share textbooks. That is, if I have extra textbooks, I temporarily borrow their school where these books are not enough. Conversely " .

Another way out - the old textbooks.

- The program allows to study old textbooks - says the director. - Also, children have the right to bring to school eBooks. This is much more convenient. As the e-book to carry in bags lighter than the entire set of textbooks.

Buy textbooks for the state and local budgets.

As the Head of the Department of Education of the City Council Sergei Martyniuk, this year from the city budget has allocated money to buy textbooks.
- We hope that by the end of September all students will have textbooks - says Martyniuk.

However, officials urge parents not to spend money on the purchase of textbooks.

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16-09-2016, 11:22

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