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In Chernivtsi region this year have formed several communities united and held elections - citizens will elect the heads of communities, members and elders. In particular, about the procedure completed 'Unity 4 Community, including Novodnistrovsk, Chudeyska, Krasnoilsk and Tereblechanska, which sent an appeal to the CEC regarding the appointment of the first election. At various stages of being Storozhynets, Mahalska, Vashkivska and Vizhnitskaya merged municipalities.

Currently, the CEC has not addressed the issue, but the money for the elections from the state budget allocated, so that they will be held in October or November.

In the regional branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine provided some clarification on the joint council and community chiefs.

on the Council and the head of a united community and their powers

After the formation of a united community of residents elect deputies of village and city council (the council) and the village, the mayor (the head) united community. The whole community will be united one common board and one head.

For example, the association had 3 villages have had their village councils and village heads. Once these three villages form a united community of village councils and village heads positions are liquidated. However, there is one common united council and a joint village head. They are chosen and residents of all settlements, which became a united community. In contrast to other rural residents elect chiefs.

How many deputies in the council?

The number of deputies depends on the number of voters in a united community. The law establishes the following framework:
- from 3 thousand to 5 thousand voters - 22 deputies;
- from 5 thousand to 20 thousand voters - 26 members;
- from 20 thousand to 50 thousand voters - 34 deputies ...

What guarantees that the locals get their representatives on the board?

In the villages, which belonged to the village, town united community will be established under single-member districts. Number of constituencies equal to the number of deputies who are elected. Vote for candidates in these constituencies will only residents who live in the area where established district. That is, the voters of these villages and towns have their deputies in the council.
For example, in the united congregation included 11 villages. In turn the election of deputies of the council. Board Composition - 22 MPs, and thus will be established 22 districts. In each of these villages provided the same number of inhabitants is formed by two districts. That is, every village that became part of a united community, get to 2 members of the board. If in some villages with populations of less than the average for the united community, it will go into any of the constituencies, so too will get at least one deputy.

The system of representation in municipal councils united community differs significantly from the town and village. First parliamentary seats distributed among parties that nominated candidates in proportion to the number of votes cast for each party. After a defined number of seats each party should receive is decided who among the party candidates receive a mandate - it compares the percentage of votes cast for the candidates of the party in the various constituencies. Mandates get those candidates from the party with the highest percentage of votes compared to other candidates from the same party in other districts. The feature of the system is that there is no guarantee that each district will be elected deputy.

What will be glad?

board room is located in the administrative center of a united community.

Generally, the center of the community - is most developed locality situated geographically in the center of the community. This is necessary in order to him was easily accessible. Definition united community center contains a proposal for initiating a voluntary association of territorial communities (on the order initiating a voluntary association of communities of villages, towns, cities, see more in Chapter II of the Act " On a voluntary association of local communities " ).

What advice deal?

In general council will deal with the same issues as engaged to unite communities. In particular, accept and make changes to the local budget, be responsible municipal property, take care of the development of the territories included in the unified community, will provide consent for placement in the community of new facilities, will establish local taxes and fees.

Council (village, town, city) can express confidence in the head by two-thirds.

The more united community deal with the head?

After combining the powers of the head is not particularly changed. He will continue to engage in organizational and personnel work. In particular, will convene and preside over the sessions of the council to sign its decision. The President also manage the unit board and its executive committee, will sign his decision.

On the headman and his powers

Who is the mayor?

elder - a representative of the villagers / village united to the power of the community. Warden - a new post for local government. It was introduced in 2015.

What is old age?

The elder needs to villagers / villages are not left without their representatives in the government united the community. After the unification of the villages / towns had their heads and village councils. And after these villages / towns joined the united congregation, they were eliminated.

Which villages / settlements have old age?

The Council of the united community decides which villages / towns are elders. Maybe one elder in several villages / towns may in the village / town never be old age. The only requirement of the law - old age can not be in the administrative center of the community.

What does the mayor?

First, the mayor represents the village / settlement in the heart of the community. For this, he has a job in the village / town where he was elected, and is receiving citizens. Warden is a member of the Executive Committee of Council, and therefore regularly travels to the center of the community.
In addition, the mayor attached to budgeting united community.

Second, the elder helps villagers / village where he was elected, to prepare documents. Warden may or may itself give some help to residents or to take back their documents and the center of the community. How does it do mayor, council decides united community. This is important, because the distance from the village / village center community can make 20 km.
Third, the mayor performs supervisory functions. It ensures that the performance of CSEs and executive bodies of the council in the village / town. For his work, the mayor receives a salary.

The term is elected mayor?

The elder is elected for a term of office of the council. That is, 5 years on condition that there will be no early parliamentary elections.

Recall now in Chernivtsi region there are 10 incorporated communities.

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