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Even the first month of autumn and outdoors in summer heat. Forecasters say that modern climatic seasons boundaries do not coincide with the calendar. So last summer yet.

As described in Chernivtsi oblhidromettsentri the coming days will be hot weather without precipitation. Small rain will fall unless the Carpathians. In recent years, September was much warmer. However, Chernivtsi assured forecasters, this year the first month of autumn is not yet marked by extreme values. Much hotter it was last year. Then on September recorded a record temperature - 37.5 degrees marked advantage.

According to forecasts Ukrgidromettsentra first half fall - until the Intercession (October 14) will be more like a hot summer than in the fall. But after the holiday colder. " Generally warm fall is expected, but September is a month of extremely variable weather " , - concluded the chief forecaster country Nicholas Kulbida.

- In the coming days will be 27-30 degrees Celsius. So will last until mid-September - predicts Basil Trotsyuk climatologist. - From 15-18 number on the weather affect the formation of anticyclones cool, so the temperature will drop to 18 degrees marked advantage. And then will come warming.

In early October, will still be warm, about 10 degrees at night, during the day - from 18-22 to 25 degrees. And in the middle of the month will start to slowly get cold. Lows drop to 5-10 C at night - to 2-4, and rainy. Although the rain this fall will be small. In some regions rains will fall two to three times less than the norm. Stable autumn weather is established after 20 October.

The first two weeks of November is expected for this period uncharacteristic weather - outside will be 10-12 degrees with the positive mark. While for the most part in this already snow. Winter is knocking us several times. For the first time this happens 20-22 November. Then the snow falls in the Carpathians, but quickly melted. A real winter weather will come in early December. So there is still time to bask in the sun. And we owe warm air masses that come to us from Africa and Asia.

- According to the synoptic rules autumn climate in Ukraine begins an average of 10 September - explained Head of Climatology Central Geophysical Observatory Elena Donici Ministry of Ukraine. - In autumn 1993, came into its own is 25 August. And it started at the latest in 1999 - 7 October. So this year we can fix a new record.

Folk omens

Thunder in September heralds the warm autumn.
The warm autumn - before the long winter.
While the letter of cherries not sleep, how much snow had not fallen, thaw it zzhene.
The web is spread by plants - to heat.
Many web at Indian summer - to the clear autumn and cold winter.
If the first day of Indian summer clear and warm, then the whole autumn clear and warm - and vice versa.

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