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At the end of summer indoors scientific library named Ivasyuka Chernivtsi z_amp_ # 96; manifest unto new miracle of technology - 3D-printer. It costs 86 thousand UAH. Purchased vehicles by grant funds.

- Funds allocated US Embassy in Ukraine. All equipment together with materials worth over 100 thousand. We wrote a project to open 3D-lab, which includes the purchase of printers, scanners and consumables. This project is conducted also in the center " WOA " - said Tatiana MYKYTYUK, head of the " WOA " .

Library staff showed reporters " MB " how the 3D printer: less than 20 minutes we " published " toy shark. Figures we selected from those that have been downloaded already in the right format. And in the library assure that the future of Chernivtsi will be able to print myself in 3D all you want.

Soon the library launched a series of educational programs for pupils and students of educational institutions of Chernivtsi. In prioritize technical specialty.

- We want to hold talks with teachers of physics Chernivtsi schools and representatives of organizations involved in teaching children in technical areas. We want to develop new skills in Chernivtsi. This produces some technical updates, and get them home - not possible. In Ukraine there are so many institutions which teach technological literacy. We want people to come here freely and used the latest technology for development. So people will be more konkurentno0smpromozhni - adds director Center.

-Chernivchany will learn to model. No age restrictions. Will work with special software that can simulate a 3D-shape. I would, of course, that all this was done not only for the game - said Mrs. Tatiana.

This technique is an invaluable friend to architects. They are able to komp_amp_ # 96; most computers simulate design and print it in 3D-format. For these free courses are invited to volunteer in the library volunteers who have relevant technical skills.

Prints printer or monotonous figure, or in two colors simultaneously. To do this, bought high-quality plastic kilogram which is more than 800 USD.
In addition to the printer purchased and 3D scanner. Any object can zaskanuvaty, then print it analog.

-On this printer model can print up to 30 inches, length 25. This should be any 3D model. The scanner does not work due to the laser, but with light rays - says Alexander KYTSYUK, shop technician.

Later in the New Year at the library will buy new equipment that has already received funding. It will be a vinyl cutter and a special tablet for the simulation architecture. The whole technique of Chernivtsi can use for free.

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