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coach " Bukovina " Sergey Shishchenko commented home defeat of our team from the capital team " Arsenal - Kyiv " and answered questions from the media.

- We probably failed the first thirty minutes. I did not recognize my team. We supposedly preparing for what will work over the opponent counterattacks. We have a trained, prepared. Unfortunately, we failed in those moments when our goal and free-appointed goal. In psychological terms, perhaps played that we again scored from the penalty spot. Do not rule out that this is our team knocked out of the rut. I am grateful to the guys for what they fought to the end and tried to rectify the situation. In the second half they started to play completely different football. This is probably the most credit for the guests, because they have already played, so to speak, in a row. The opponent again the whole team defended and tried to act on the counter-attack. Match failure ... Maybe it is not entirely failures, but only those 30 minutes, we conceded twice.

- Sergei Yu has happened to our penaltystamy?

- For me the most is the mystery. Such players as Roman Datsyuk and Alexander Temerivskyy training slaughtered all the penalty spot. It's probably psychological moment. They remain almost after each workout and byut penalty. Why do we put in in the match? I do not know ... But is such that we put in a penalty and lose those matches.

- what reasons there was no application for Sergei Ratsy match?

- Sergey Rat did not get to apply for another match against " Inhulets " . He has a sore throat.

- Ruslan pockmarked and Nicholas Henyk further traumatized?

- Ruslan Spotted injured. But Nicholas Henyku with his training and the class is too early to play in the first league.

FGC "Bukovina "

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14-09-2016, 08:56

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