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560   ,

Until 1 July tax citizens sent notification of the amount of property tax, land and transport.
This year message on the payment of property tax received 560 Chernivtsi totaling 650.0 thousand. UAH.

It is reported by the Department of Work Chernivtsi LIGHTS.

Most property owners promptly paid off with the budget (deadline for payment for citizens was 29 August), and those who did not pay have to pay extra penalty of 10% for a delay of 30 days and 20% - more than 30 days.

During the eight months of this year the owners of Chernivtsi square meters filled local coffers by 3.3 mln. UAH. Legal entities of the regional center paid almost 2.8 mln. UAH. (2614.6 thousand. UAH. - For residential and 153.1 thousand. UAH. - For nonresidential real estate), and citizens - 540.7 thousand. UAH. (468.3 thousand. UAH. - For residential and 72.4 - for nonresidential real estate). It is four times more than last year.

This year, tax-free area of 120 squares for apartments and 250 - for the buildings.

The following year property tax will be calculated for Chernivtsi already minus 60 sq. M. for apartments and 120 - for the buildings. For different types ob_amp_ # 39; objects of residential real estate - 180 sq. M. The remaining area will be taxed.
The tax rate will be calculated from the minimum wage was on 01/01/2016. 1378 USD.

The tax rate will amount to 0.1 per cent - for apartments / flats, including their parts, the total area not exceeding 120 square meters. meters (ie 1.38 USD. per sq.m.) residential building / buildings, including their parts, the total area not exceeding 250 square meters. meters; for different ob_amp_ # 39; objects real estate, including their shares (in case of simultaneous presence in the property taxpayer apartments / flats and houses / buildings, including their parts), the aggregate total area does not exceed 370 square meters. meters. That is, such area is 65 sq. M. The citizen pays (65-60) X 1.38 = 6.90 USD.

If the apartment or house more than 120 and 250 sq. M. respectively, the tax rate will amount is 1 percent - 13.78 USD.

For example, a house of 300 sq. M. have to pay (300-250) x 13.78 = 689.0 USD.

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