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The festival Meridian Chernowitz Chernivtsi citizens and guests presented the children's art publishing products " The black sheep " .

" We zapochatkuvalysya less than a year ago, and now we have seven books. Not to be two important books - George Vynnychuk and translation Borittsera Ethan, an American writer who has made a very important series of books-on that sets the child to the parents at some stage of life: what is love, what is death, what is eternal, peace, beauty? We started this series of print, it will in Lviv Forum. I'd like to focus on this book, because I work with kids and I know that kid from p_amp_ # 96; yaty years very worried matters " and that will be with us, where we take and where divayemosya? " - tells editor of publisher Christine Venhrynyuk.

Each book has a recommended age, but according to Venhrynyuk, these are only a harm, " For parents see the mark " 4+ " and think that after this age children are not interesting. But they can be read indefinitely, especially bilingual book, which you can learn English, read constantly, consider " .

At the presentation spoke not only of children's books, but also teenagers and adults texts that also came out print this publisher - " Another Brick " Andrew Tuzhikov and " swim, fish, swim " Sergei Zhadan. The authors of both books have participated in presentations and present excerpts read their texts.

During the festival can be purchased art book publisher and get autographs from Zhadan and Tuzhikov.

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12-09-2016, 10:16

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