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From the beginning of the war, two volunteers Chernivtsi - Basil Nazarko and Igor Hostyuk - help fighters ATO. Originally brought clothes, shoes, hygiene products, food. Later began to bring from the zone ATO maimed during shelling cars, repair them and give back to the front.

The bus of soldiers came under mortar attack

Court, Games Hostyuk which once purchased and equipped for your business, now half set aside for car repairs. Now in his 11 repair cars. Another nine vehicles already repaired, the man handed fighters. Part of Mr. Igor porozdavav to repair " in humans " . Now the yard entrepreneur " Lada " reanimobile and bus. The bus makes a terrible impression. He with eight soldiers who were going to the front, came under mortar attack. On all sides fired through the glass broken ... Mr Igor, in order to paint it and insert glass need 13 thousand UAH. So far collected only six thousand.

On reanimobile, this particular transport, carrying him dead.

- reanimation with sand brought in Donetsk region, - says Igor Hostyuk. - We capitally repaired engine, completely replaced the entire chassis, four-wheel and two batteries. This machine has transported over 50 " two hundred " Ukraine. That 50 bodies of our brothers. Therefore, in this car, we have invested heavily not only, but also the soul. Entrepreneurs have Storozhinets with engine running. Director Kalynivskyi market has provided four new wheels and two batteries. And in recent days, something happened with electronics: it works, then stalls. Find the electricity will diagnose ...

There is almost repaired " Lada " . The car, which was run by the council for many years stood idle as transport, which vid'yizdyv her. Volunteers asked to give " scrap " them. He had to completely take over. Carried out a complete overhaul, povaryly all " perevzuly " established a new battery. It cost seven thousand.

" From the fear perekusyv golden dagger teeth "

The history of these two men that they were volunteers. Basil Nazarko had permanent residence in Italy. And when it started Maidan arrived and since then has remained in Ukraine.

- How to come to the Maidan, never returned to Italy, - says Vladimir Nazarko. - He left a job ... It began volunteering. Bought a car specifically to ride to ... ATU Two gave their cars there.

Igor Hostyuk business was related to car windows. But the war changed everything ...

- If I were a few years ago, someone said, Man, you destroy your business, painting from the house all the savings to the East, then you shall break there and finish off his car and health to handles, I would say: " Guys, you do that, Nutty? I'm not completely stupid! I also have to spend much money " - says Mr. Igor. - And so it happened that two years in Ukraine war. In this time sit at home and say, " I am a patriot " and thus do nothing - it is not mine. If you do not have the front - then we should help all here in order to save the lives of the boys and make them provided that they can survive, feed, clothe, shoes. I vidvozhu their cars as close to the best - as far as safety allows. There is one road and two porches on the front and all prostrilyuyutsya. And every time you play the lottery. Here, speed is important. We at the front is called " went to the cruising speed of " . The faster you go, the more likely that will not get under fire. On the gravel road going there with a speed of 120-140 kilometers per hour. I have three engine vidpadav. Overall ATO has traveled to 73 times. Is it scary? Well ... before I had a gold chain with a cross. Perekusyv dagger teeth. From fear. But I pray to God, and he keeps me ... And in some hysterical happen. In 2014, he took with him in Debal'tsevo one man who really wanted to see " there is the East " . So they began on us " castles " fly, it is released into the window, jumped on the steering wheel. After that I said " So they, these tourists " . It's war.

Igor Hostyuk admits: all the money that earns, spends help soldiers. So feed the family actually wife Angela, who sews covers for car seats. My wife prays every time when a man went to the East. A 12-year-old son Dmitry asks mother or father will return. What woman does not hesitate to replies " sure " .

- I often say, but how could you so, lost business ... but, you know, all this fool - reflects Igor Hostyuk. - I found much more. We meet with the brothers, rejoice in each other. People who saw the grief, were war have very different views on everything. In fact, Ukrainian - a good nation. But we have such a favorite saying: " none of my business, I know nothing " . This is our main problem. No cohesion. We need to come together and help the boys. You see, as Georgia did, although it is as big as our Western Ukraine. Two days of 12 Russian aircraft they shot down our equipment. In these situation has been: all men - to one - came and went. " thy-wife budyet Steere, My wife budyet toe shyt and tvaya toscha budyet with moimi dyetmi sidyet " - so they decided among themselves. And we have ... You Go with ATO in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk - all, like moving from one world to another. Go to the restaurants on our street Kobylanska. We each - a patriot. And everyone in the car checked. Meanwhile, come up to the businessman asking " help please, it is difficult, it is necessary to repair the car " . I hear the answer: " Well, I did last year gave 50 hryvnia " . And yet, you know, even in this war there are a lot of pluses. People are finally starting to become a people ...

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