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20 million allocated for housing participants ATO in Chernivtsi.

In a decision deputies Chernivtsi city council session on continuing the six September vote majority, writes

At the suggestion of the deputy faction " Hometown " Vasyl Prodan, on housing, on which lay the originally anticipated 10 million, added another ten million, which respectively took on the draft decision on the repair of Independence Avenue, for which MPs voted.

On the eve of its fifth briefing in September Chernivtsi Mayor Alex Kaspruk , knowing the intentions of these MPs, they gave this assessment:

- As for housing participants ATO. We understand that these problems must be solved. Not only for the participants ATO, but also for other categories of citizens eligible to improve housing conditions. And we offered an option: the co-financing (that is interest, we shall agree) the city began construction of social housing. Or 80 percent of the city will pay for the apartment or 70 - this is a working group to discuss. But we can for their money haul network, allocate free land for which will not have to pay either at auction or give bribe deputies. We announce tender select a contractor and build housing. In this way we provide housing more people than, for example, now just would have bought apartments in the primary market.

bold 20 million for housing in September, the mayor believes populism. After all, these funds will need to master by the end of the year. That is three months nine-build. That, of course, impossible.

- We clearly understand that today is irrational to lay the budget UAH 20 million for the program in September, when there is not even allocated land, the project rises, networks. 20 million no master in such a short time. We must highlight million for design work to start supply of utilities. Position fraction " Hometown " - they categorically insist so that these 20 million were budgeted. I have his vision of why this is happening. First, these funds will not be utilized and it will give a reason to criticize the government that it did not do what had to do. It's like, you know, " Chief, you put nerealne Plans! " That plan set, untapped resources, such as syaki-sitting city council officials - convinced Alex Kaspruk.

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6-09-2016, 16:21

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