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If the contractor time to complete work by the end of the year in kindergartens Chernivtsi open 20 groups. Also in September, first opened in eight new groups of nearly 200 children.

This was during a briefing the fifth reported in September Chernivtsi Mayor Alex Kaspruk .

- We are now investing huge amounts of money in order to make a difference in education. Life throws us new challenges. The first challenge - the inability children attend kindergartens. We do what we have not done very many years. For the first time since independence in Chernivtsi build new kindergartens, - said A. Kaspruk. - We are working on the streets vanguard. This is a typical kindergarten children who will hopefully in the spring. Also already developed design documentation for transitioning the Department of Housing in the former premises of the Shevchenko District Council. This marked the allocated funds and premises on the street will be reconstructed under the Armenian kindergarten. After all, it was once a kindergarten. The long-suffering by not very conscientious contractor kindergarten 30, I think, will be completed next month. By the first of September we opened eight new groups of nearly 200 children. If the finish as promised contractors and department, by the end of the year can still open 20 groups. This I can not remember for years to ten.

The birth rate is increasing, which means that will need more training places in schools, says A. Kaspruk

- The next challenge will be the demographic situation is improving in the country and it's wonderful. But it will call for schools of our city. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the second shift. In some schools, it has already started work. But again, I think that together we can change this and we need the money. One financial instrument that has given us this country (and the first government, and second) - a hundred million, we are now able to invest in roads, kindergartens, schools ... Overall, repairs, reconstruction, completing in children's education from the municipal budget in 2016 allocated 42 million USD. Once this entire amount allocated to the city for all the work. This means we need to direct development to change the situation, upgrade urban infrastructure. And, unfortunately, even with a certain desire we have clearly restrict those activities that are populist who go on eating. For tomorrow, the day after this resource may simply not be.

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