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once to see what will be the winter, our grandparents watched the plants, animals, birds, insects. And predicted frost and snow at harvest vegetables, mushrooms, acorns, nuts.

- This year several layers of onion peel. This indicates that the winter will be cold, with snow - assured chernivchanka-dachnytsya Valentine Aysyuk. - And I excavated the garden mouse hole, and there's a lot of grain. It is also a sign of the frosty winter, because mice are prepared for it and do inventory. When I went into the woods for mushrooms, many noticed an oak acorns. Projected my grandmother, then winter will come early and be fierce.

86-year-old Maria Shevchuk also believes that this year's winter will be colder than last year. " Hens began to fade in late summer, but usually do it in October - says the woman. - This year the well bore hazelnuts and mushrooms little. But a lot of mountain ash berries. This all suggests that the winter will be harsh and snowy " .

In the early and cold winter indicates early yellowing leaves on the shore.

" When the first yellow leaves on the lower branches, it is warm in winter and short - explained the scientist leading the CNU Botanical Garden Maria Vyklyuk. - This year the leaves on the banks started to turn yellow top, indicating a frosty winter. Similarly, much earlier pozhovtilo leaves on other trees. This may be a sign of early autumn and winter. Although in recent years due to climate change - warming continued lack of rainfall - a lot of people's signs leveled. The plants have not had time to adapt to new conditions. Therefore, the signs should be treated with caution " .

Changes in weather and marked in terms of bird flight. Depends on what will be the winter - early or late.
" This year white storks began to rally earlier in the pack - somewhere in the middle of August - said Igor Skilsky ornithologist. - Recently saw a small flock of about 80 individuals who flew over the street in Chernivtsi Olha Kobylianska. When in September will not see storks, that means they flew past. And accordingly can predict an early and frosty winter " .

- With the snakes difficult to determine the weather, because they hardly react to climate change, - assured the candidate of biological sciences Nazar Smirnov, who for many years studying reptiles. - Although many species of reptiles most active period is just now - by the end of September, when they make a fat reserves for the winter. And the serpents is born cubs. They can be seen before the end of October.

What will the winter, and can determine the behavior of bees.

" This year, the bees produce a lot of propolis, which tightly zaliplyuyut all entrances and exits to the hive. This is a sign that insects anticipating severe, frosty and snowy winter. Perhaps it comes from the first of December, if not earlier. And the cold will be under 20 degrees - concludes beekeeper Vladimir Dudka, who for 25 years engaged in beekeeping and holds a large apiary. - And this forecast confirms many of my friends beekeepers. Some are engaged in beekeeping in the third generation, with more than 40 years of experience, holding apiary 300 bee colonies. Last year, the bees did not preparing for the cold season and propolis not close up the gap. And winter was warm, soft, dry. In Beekeeping is an unwritten rule: " By the first of September to prepare children for school, and bees - to wintering " . And now the insects have started to prepare for the cold weather " .

Folk omens

If the bug is not vidletily to Intercession (October 14) - in a warm winter.
If the bees to Intercession zalipyly absolutely trays - the severe winter.
Bilka make her hnizdo low - in the frosty winter, high - winter will be warm.
appeared in the garden rabbit - the winter is severe.
The cherry on the Protection has green leaves - will be harsh winter.
a lot of nuts and hrybiv little - winter will be harsh snizhnoyu i.
In many dubi plodiv - the severe winter.
If snih to the Divine (9 October) - will be on Michael Winter (November 21).
What is the weather Protection (October 14), this is winter.
If the Protection snih not fallen, then it will not be until January.
If i Protection dry heat - winter will later by.
At Dmitri (November 8) without snihu - Winter is not soon.

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