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In Bukovina September 5 in the village. Jelly Kitsmansky area fire in a residential Budnik. As it turned out, the cause of fire was smoking in bed, 26-year-old son of the owner of the house, the press service of the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region.

The man lit a cigarette, fell asleep and did not notice how cigarette fell out of his hands. Cigarettes hit the bedding and caused them to fire. Fire neighbor noticed that the street was busy around the house and saw smoke coming out of a house. She said the owner of the fire, which was also on the street. People went into the house, woke the man and brought him to safety, then call the number 101. At the scene were sent to another guard rescuers from the city. Kitsman and local fire department with. Yuzhynets. Firefighters localized, and subsequently eliminated fire.

Another burning house in the village. Vashkivtsi Sokyryany area. The fire was noticed the owner of the house. The woman with the neighbors tried to cope alone with the fire, but all their efforts were in vain. When people realize that they themselves are not able to eliminate the fire, they received a call at the number 101. By the time the fire had spread to a large area and cover almost the entire building. Area fire was 60 sq.m. Arriving on the scene, rescuers eliminated the fire and prevented the transfer of heat to the nearby located buildings.

In s. Kostyntsi Storozhynetsky area burned dry grass in open areas. Area fire was 2 hectares. The fire was liquidated by rescuers of the State Fire and Rescue part 12.

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6-09-2016, 12:12

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