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In Chernivtsi are hundreds of beneficiaries who live in very difficult conditions and or have no place to live. And while many years standing in line to get land from the City Council. So unfair to circumvent some of these beneficiaries and allocate land to those who just closer to their bidding environment.

Thus in his briefing fifth in September Chernivtsi Mayor Alex Kaspruk commented maintenance deputies petitions regarding allocation of land on the street Zhasminniy sports journalist Georgy Mazurashu writes molbuk. ua

- Once George Mazurashu city council has allocated ground floor of the center housing. There was a fire, a petition was created to allocate him land. I abstained from voting - said A. Kaspruk. - While I know George long ago. I would like to explain its position. Monday I accept a lot of people who come to his misfortune. How not to live. This large, orphans, Chernobyl, Afghans living in basements, attics or even in the street. I am for justice was in order. And when the session of the City Council refuses to allocate land, such as the long head of city public organization Chernobyl and giving it to another citizen of the city (I'm not talking now about the name) because it is close to some of the deputies - I do not think it's fair.

Land allocated to certain beneficiaries arrays town, but not in the center, said the mayor.

" We have arrays that we develop, where soldiers receive ATO land. We decided to MPs on that land for individual building another waiting list, beneficiaries out only in these areas. In the city center, in attractive areas where there is infrastructure, housing - only the families of victims, war veterans, invalids of the first group. So abstained. However, the decision was made, now start procedure. However, I would be difficult to explain to others Chernivtsi citizens why they " are not laid " to obtain land in the street Zhasminniy.

Recall Chernivtsi City Council decided to allocate land sports journalist Georgy Mazurashu Street Zhasminniy.

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6-09-2016, 08:56

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