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Members of Chernivtsi City Council at the last second in September declined by majority vote to include in the agenda the question of consideration of an appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, and Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko in fact deputies Rostislav Bilyk , who is accused of bribing voters in the local elections in 2015. And that they have shown they do not want to understand the situation and establish those responsible. And, therefore, willing to put up with those things against which fought Square.

This is the fifth in his briefing, said in September Mayor of Chernivtsi Alex Kaspruk writes

First, what would wanted to start - to ask: " Where Bilyk? " - said A. Kaspruk. - And in fact there is absolutely no joke there. You know, I was a member of the Revolution of dignity. I struggled with the Yanukovych regime and the revolution. With colleagues helped the army. Burying the dead in eastern Ukraine who fought for Ukraine to be legal, free, democratic state. And this thing - I'm talking about the closure case against vote-buying in Chernivtsi - you can say anything. But all of Chernivtsi know that bribery took place on a large scale. They know it, and those who took the money. They know those who refused the money voted by conscience. If the issue is resolved in such a way as it solved today - that means everything else - just a waste of time. When the loot you can buy voice ... there are people who spend a fortune in order to become a deputy. Why? To steal in order to be able to loot and then it tipped. To take bribes for land allocation, for embezzlement of public funds. When the loot you can buy decision in the courts or to punish someone ... This means that people died needlessly in the Maidan, today people die needlessly in the East. I want to hear the assessment of events from state leaders, the leaders of political forces that now govern our state.

All 15 members of the 34 registered in the session hall voted for inclusion in the agenda of the appeal proposed by the mayor. Someone pulled out a card, others went " for a smoke " , but would not vote for is actually quite neutral appeal, said the mayor.

" We have heard of the assessment of the deputies. No uniqueness in every political force almost been people who voted for what, in order to appeal to the President, Attorney General, Minister of Interior with a neutral appeal - to understand the situation: " There was a bribe or was not? Wine Bilyk or not guilty? " If he is innocent, it means that students slandered him. They should be held accountable. Or students forced him to slander someone. If the bribe was not - well, it's funny - that their sentences are illegal. So, to answer with prosecutors, police, judges, students who carried these illegal sentences. And I suggested the MPs to appeal to the state leadership of these questions, so that it was verified publicly transparent and understandable. They refused. 15 votes " by " of the various factions. Some voted " to " . Some pulled out a card. Some abstained, others went on a smoke break. This Representatives of the political forces that stood on the Maidan, which promised a new Ukrainian Ukraine. They represent the face of these political forces. If they are ready to close their eyes to these atrocities, if they are ready Representative previous government against which they struggled to bring in a senior position in the City Council - secret or not secret ballot - I'm talking about the Secretary of the City Council. I repeat the offer to the political forces represented in the City Council. Sell: " Provide candidacy Secretary " . But when MPs begin to discuss in order to promote the former " smotryaschoho " in Chernivtsi I understand that they have vmotyvuvaly. This show some land, financial issues are dealt with at the session. Experienced the taste of money ".

-So I, given that the deputies refused to understand this situation, they will not even hear it - who is right and who is wrong, justly or unjustly students - addressed personally open letter to the President, Attorney General, Interior Minister and leader of the political forces Ukrainian request to assess what is happening - leads mayor. - what was the Maidan, for which he killed the boys in the East? Because if we need political corruption, so it is in. what we zahyschayemosya? Do we want to be new, different country? If not given the answer to this question, everything else meaningless. The reforms medicine, education, judicial system, economic reforms ... for Salvage will always win. for the citizen will always depend on a deputy, in whose pocket is money. This is about a political issue of voter bribery and backroom political games in the city council.
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5-09-2016, 17:25

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