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On September 1 after all the celebrations at the school on the streets of Chernivtsi many students. Festive dressed, cheerful companies they walk the city. Some people in the streets resting. For example, at Theater Square just on the grass in the afternoon sitting time many students from different schools and classes. Some celebrated, sipping a mojito. Others were sitting with books and notebooks in hand - still the Day of Knowledge. In parallel, under the trees growing piles of garbage. correspondent asked students what they expect from the new academic year. Generally much joy from that study began, nobody showed. The most recognized children, they are happy to see their friends. A ninth and eleventh grades concerned state final certification and independent external. However, in all good mood, optimistic, all joking and believe in better.

What do expect from the new school year?

Val FEFCHAK 11 grade, school 41:

is our last school year. So I just want to relax with friends and something cool to have finally learned. Education - is my study subjects that you like.

Denis Maksymchuk, 3 grade, school 22:

-I like physical education and work training. On the lessons of labor studies we produced frogs, turtles, sculpted sun ... And I love to draw. Once we painted frames from favorite cartoons. In general, a bit hard to learn. I heard on TV that now will be easier. It is this hope.

Catherine heads, Grade 9, lyceum 3:

-any difficult to learn, heard that the EIT can enter or state final certification (STA) in the form of testing. STA - it is still easier. Most want to go to school, to see friends. And like in the school canteen. Only this year there will be a big queue, because come three new classes. And this year we will learn anatomy. We are looking forward to it.

Ogryzkov Taya, 11 grade, school 22:

- worry, because next year will start a completely new life. We plan to enter the state order, so have a good pass testing. For this we must teach all the fifth grade. I do not know whether it is at all possible - all the year again. We are taught that, of course, but it is still forgotten. For example, the story I seriously began to teach in the tenth grade. And then the summer is forgotten.

Christine BODNARYUK 11 grade, school 41:

-I want to gain new knowledge, prepare for testing and pass it with distinction. Also spend the last days with their friends. Because some went abroad, and I stay in Chernivtsi. Generally I like to learn.

Dima Velichko, 3 grade, school 22:

-I forward to successful learning. I like all subjects. The school would not go. It was well at home. Want to see friends.

Maxim Petukhov, 3 grade, school 22:

-I want and lessons, and friends. I like physical education, English and mathematics. I'm learning well. Summer was at sea and in the mountains twice. Still on vacation rather than in school ...

Tatiana Kanivets, Grade 9, school 7:

-Hotily like so that was the state final examination We do not expect testing, waiting for STA. And more holidays and poshvydshe.

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