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At school 33 in Chernivtsi will not combine the tenth grade, despite the fact that one of them there were only 17 students.

This correspondent reported Head of Education Chernivtsi City Council Sergei MARTYNIUK .

Thus he commented on Post deputies from the faction " Self " Alina OLEVYCH on their FB page as to what tenth school 33 on August 31 evening announced that their class is not open.

" On August 31, 19.00. Call bewildered parents whose children go to grade 10 school 33. They say that only now they were informed that the class will not open. And now where these children go? And what they will be tomorrow a holiday? Where is the conscience of officials (drag to the last)? I want to hear motif officials. I want to know what can not be a voice in advance to both children and parents decide what to do next. I want to see those numbers that we will save cost 17's disappointed in righteousness children. P.S. Well, then September 1 should be interesting ... have some holiday spoil " - wrote the deputy.

However, S. Martyniuk says: class, though understaffed, function. Although it does not hide its position that it is wrong

- There's absolutely abnormal situation. For the tenth grade 16-17 students - this is not a normal situation, - says Sergey Martyniuk. - Theoretically tenth grade can not be closed, or it is formed or not formed. To me, this class has no right to exist. But as the administration of an institution, perhaps a little late parents informed, this year the tenth class will be opened. But we are in December, along with journalists hold control sections. And you see this minority students literacy class. These students will, believe me, no. They want - no problems. In order to not disturb, not to spoil the celebration of the first of September, so that Mrs deputy Alina Olevych felt and its importance ... It's not my money, it is money the community. If so community decides what it wants - please. Will remain without teachers salaries, school will no computers, no desks. But the class will learn 16 pupils.

The main city educator says about this situation, he telephoned parents with some MPs. We agreed to meet, however, those who called themselves the same mind, decided instead to go directly to the mayor and city council session

" I phoned and eleven pm and the first of September at half past eight in the morning. We agreed to meet at noon. But then I peretelefonuvaly and said that I was not their flight bird in order to meet with me. What they immediately come to the mayor and city council session. And I will cause the session where I will report them " .

S. Martyniuk stressed that if deputies decide that we need a minority class and finance its finupravlinnya funtsionuvannya, then no problem

" As was once said of Margaret Thatcher, " This is not my personal money, it's taxpayers' money " . So if taxpayers believe that the need to open a class for 10 to 16 students when the next class is on the same 18 students - let every entrance will be open class " .

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