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On the occasion of the school year molbuk.ua correspondent learned from well-known residents of Chernivtsi, which were the first bells in their life and school years.

Alex Kaspruk Chernivtsi Mayor:

- In the first class I went in 1984 or the 85th year in a school №15, quite new at the time. On the first teachers we are very lucky. On September 1, I liked to go for the summer time to miss by classmates, teachers. Then happened already difficult, sometimes did not want to go. Now in the same school is my son.

"Це так давно було": відомі чернівчани поділилися спогадами про перше вересня

Stepan Melnychuk, Rector of Chernivtsi National University. Handicrafts

- It's been so long, I think, before the Napoleonic wars. It was in 1954, went to a small primary school in four classes, went there one year. Later moved to high school. The first of September, oddly enough, pam_amp_ # 96; yatayu: mom took me all vystroyilysya in the yard, something said late headmaster, first teacher, then led us in class. From school years pam_amp_ # 96; yatayu funny story. In Jordan the boys went to church holy water, then in the class opened the oven, which topylasya firewood and charcoal, and loudly shouted back p_amp_ # 96; yatdesyat or a hundred times "Kyryleysa! " (Traditional cries of the Jordan in Greek means "Lord, have mercy! " - Ed.). Pam_amp_ # 96; yatayu at the smoke and odor. And I always liked to study, read, loved. It was a domestic call, I will not zastavlyav contrary, my mother said: "How much can you read? ".

George Marchak, Director of the Chernivtsi Regional Drama them. Kobylanska

- In 1969 I went to zero Toporivsku class in high school. Zapam_amp_ # 96; yatalysya constant celebrations are always a lot of parents. Very good pam_amp_ # 96; yatayu the first teacher Mary D., then to 4th grade teacher was K. Viorica both - very good, nice people. The school would not go, because it was still warm, like the continuation of the summer holidays.

"Це так давно було": відомі чернівчани поділилися спогадами про перше вересня

Obshanskyy Sergey, chief of inspection for the improvement of Chernivtsi

- I went to school in 1979. My dad was a soldier, and was sent to serve in the Mongol city Cojr Republic, where I went to first grade in 8 years. The school was huge, with 800 students, and by contemporary standards was very well equipped. They taught me everything, because before that I neither read nor write could not. It is children 6 years and are able to know. Cases of Funny for the Union is not allowed, all went parade, singing songs " and Lenin Young tacos ... " . But we are in no way feel needy. More impressed when we moved in 1982 in Czernowitz, and I mid fourth grade went to the 37th school in Sadgora, there were problems with.

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