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The dollar continues ukriplyuvatysya hryvnia - fall. Since August 25 the National Bank official rate of hryvnia weakened, dropped from 23.9 to 25.3 UAH / USD.

In Chernivtsi likely devalue the hryvnia exchange, it has crossed the mark of UAH 26 USD. However, people are not running to buy the US currency and yevry for - expensive.

In the future, experts say that the hryvnia will continue to depreciate. Finansysystiv Some say that the reason for the devaluation of the hryvnia - that the International Monetary Fund does not give money. Recently it became known that the IMF has once again postponed the granting tranche Ukraine indefinitely.
The last time Ukraine received money from the IMF a year ago, $ 1.4 billion came into the country August 4, 2015. They joined the National Bank reserves. Since the date of allocation tranche repeatedly postponed. Management Foundation says do not give money, because we are not keenly reform. Experts believe that the most likely cause of the last tranche of deferred - stall the launch of e-declaration of income officials, which would start functioning from August 15.

Despite the fact that the government once again promises to launch e-declaration of September 1, the probability that the end of this year we do not get the money - very high. Therefore, some analysts attributed directly understatement of the IMF hryvnia devaluation.

However, note that the IMF does not give money for a year and devalue the hryvnia began in the last few days. Moreover, at least half the hryvnia felt completely " comfortable " and even periods of slightly stronger. While IMF funds have not been.

So what hidden reason the current devaluation of the hryvnia, we asked Andrew Novak, financial analyst, head of the economics of Ukraine.

- Devaluation of the hryvnia processes that have intensified in recent days, is artificial and planned, - the expert believes. - For economic reasons for devaluation of the hryvnia not. Three factors that may put pressure on the hryvnia devaluation and promote it - in the last year are positive. The first foreign trade balance for many months is positive. We have a billion dollars plus. Second, the balance of payments are also positive. We also have additional nearly a billion dollars. Third, the public debt. With its Western partners, we have restructured the public debt. Therefore, this factor is now no pressure on the hryvnia. On the contrary, we have all the prerequisites to strengthen our currency.

But we see that the hryvnia will depreciate. See this conspiracy Rates from government. After two months ago when the market was UAH 24 USD \ dollars. Officials have given the budget resolution for next year, which announced the dollar by 27.2 hryvnia. Consequently, the government is then planned that the hryvnia should depreciate. Obviously this government has gone through preliminary and tries to resolve the issue of filling the budget easier way - due to hryvnia devaluation and inflation. It also satisfies the interests of export-minded companies. Instead, the interests of our citizens and businesses most obviously for the country's leadership is not a priority.

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25-08-2016, 15:32

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