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The President of Corporation literary Meridian Czernowitz Svyatoslav Pomerantsev in an interview with the famous Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan told how poetry festival changed Chernivtsi 6 years of its existence in the city.

Video Interview Independence Day broadcast on public television.

Thus, the question Zhadan how to change with the advent of Chernivtsi in the festival Meridian Czernowitz, Pomerantsev said:

"Poetry is the interior of the city. Therefore it naturally when Ukrainian poetry, Romanian and German sound again in Chernivtsi ".

"It's fine, but I have always been a city of Chernivtsi poetry. It's good when a person feels facades sound poetry. And when you feel it? " - Asked Sergei Zhadan.

"I felt after the bankruptcy of 2009. So I went into this poetry " - said Pomerantsev. - "It was a down-shifting, and I'm very happy that it happened. "

When asked who the target audience of the festival Meridian Czernowitz, president literary Corporation said:

"First, it's creative people, young people, intellectuals. I would call their generators ideas ".

However, he said, for what purpose attending festival events in Chernivtsi local politicians.

"Chernivtsi politicians attending the festival. I can say that not to piarytys. Because there are people among businessmen and politicians, which is interesting " - said Pomerantsev.

Recall that this year's festival Meridian Czernowitz will for three days - from 9 to 11 September.

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25-08-2016, 13:39

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