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In Chernivtsi not the institution, which requires money. In any school or kindergarten is any problem which needs finance.

This correspondent spoke Head of Education Department of Chernivtsi city council Sergei MARTYNIUK .

- There is no educational institution that does not require money - convinced S.Martynyuk. - Even the very, shall we say, the richest gymnasium 4 Chernivtsi just needs money. Because there half the windows are old, afraid to open them. But the city budget is not limitless. Department of Education gives a better offer than the deputies. I MPs say - I entrust this question, and then ask me. But everyone has children in some institutions, everyone has somewhere in their neighborhood. Until recently phoned me and told two deputies that need it in their county schools and kindergartens to make repairs.

- My opinion - school 9 not need a overhaul catering, - said S. Martyniuk commenting on the situation, when the end of June at the next session of the deputy Vitaly Myhaylishyn initiated discharge from the city budget 360 thousand UAH for repairing catering school 9 (a junior school gymnasium 4). - But because there studying Myhaylishyna son, he said he needed. Believe me, in the gymnasium 6 dining in much worse shape, but there is not allocated funds. In this school regularly take Romanian delegation, not even where they have tea treat.

S.Martynyuk also said that at the last session of the Education Department allocated 8.5 million USD.

- There are about 40 positions. Among them - the reconstruction of school 12 (almost 250 thousand) on sports equipment for schools (350 thousand), computer equipment (200,000) obstacle in schools (250 thousand), - recounts the Head of Education . - Continuing repairs at schools 33, 10, 40, 20, 6, 38, 37, Lyceum 2 ... Also expect at the August session on education will also be allocated a large sum.

Recall deputy initiated V.Myhaylishyn allocation of funds repair schools in Chernivtsi, which is trained by his son.

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17-08-2016, 10:00

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