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In Bukovina some areas have not fulfilled the plan to collect taxes. In particular there is shortfall in rental payment, with military duties and taxes on income of individuals (ie, wages). The press - service of the Department DFS in Chernivtsi region.

Recently, there was a final meeting of DFS in Chernivtsi region with the participation of heads of state combined tax authorities in districts and the city. Chernivtsi department of the tax police unit managers and regional staff. He headed the meeting Acting Chief of DFS Bukovina Vitaliy Shpak.

So the results of seven months of the tax, does not achieved planned results collection of taxes

Vyzhnytsya department Vyzhnytsya LIGHTS - by 79.1 percent. (- 1.1 mln.) Incl, shortfall in rental payment for mineral resources - 1.6 mln.); Khotyn department Novoselytsya LIGHTS - by 98.7 percent. (- 22,6 thous.), Including on income tax - 94.3 percent. (-37.3 Thousand.) And military training - by 88.6 percent. (- 28.5 thousand. USD.) Novodnistrovsk department Sokyryany LIGHTS - by 98.5 percent. (- 53.5 thousand. UAH.), Including on income tax - 96.8 percent. (- 21,0 thous.) And military training - by 81.2 percent. (- 52.7 thousand. UAH).

At the same time, not fulfilled indicative for military training Chernivtsi LIGHTS, where the performance was 97.4 percent. (Shortfall of 142.9 thous.) And Sokyryany LIGHTS - 97.4 percent. (Shortfall of 19.7 thousand. UAH).

Vitaly Shpak analyzed in detail the work of each tax office to ensure revenues to budgets of all levels in terms of payments and heard reports of heads of LIGHTS. Also noted is the legalization of wage labor, payment in full of the excise tax and the replenishment of local budgets of villages and towns.
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13-08-2016, 14:27

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