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Chernivtsi region fulfilled the plan for the service contract for the first half in half: from 803 individuals selected needed only 434.

This was at the briefing said regional military commissar Vladimir Shvedyuk, reports

The main reason for the shortfall of troops in Chernivtsi region he calls a patriotic movement to the east.

" We are getting used to is patriotism. You can often see young people for a beer that shouting " Glory to Ukraine! " and when this glory Ukraine should really defend with arms, take a step back. There was a patriot to be fashionable, walk with the flag, shouting slogans. And there (in the east), if you are a patriot, you can kill your family, burn the house " - Shvedyuk said.

Currently, every effort is made to serve more people are going under contract, increased wages, for example, a soldier without specialization immediately receives 7-7,5 thousand. Those who are military service, are about one and a half thousand a month.

According to the military commissar in Donetsk and Luhansk regions plan to appeal performing better than some western regions of Ukraine.

In addition viyskkommatu, the lion's share of responsibility for military conscription are local governments. It is best to call the work carried out and Kitsmansky Sokyryany areas. But some other areas of the village not simply recruit people to serve and do a secret resistance.

" There, the head of village councils not really cared that we have is war - told Shvedyuk. - Speak with one village head, he said: " In my post election. Sorry if I have a neighbor conscription, next time I will choose not " .

The worst performing plan Riabtseva Hertsa village district Korchivtsi, Dobrynivka, Hlybotskyi handful District Borshchivsky, Pohorilivka Zastavnivsky district Pidzakharychi Putyla district, cornflower, Klyshivka Sokyryany district Novodnistrovsk, Krasnoilsk Storozhynetsky district Bilivtsi Khotyn district.

By the end of September, is scheduled to take on contract service 450. The better the region fulfill the plan, the less people will have to mobilize if announced the next wave.

Photo: BukInfo

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