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In 2016 in Bukovina Employment Service employed 88 participants ATO, according to Department of organizational and information of the Chernivtsi regional employment center.

This year the regional employment services benefited 813 demobilized soldiers that defended Ukraine in the area of ATU. During this period managed to employ 88 people, including in agriculture and forestry is 11 persons in the processing industry (6 persons), construction industry (5 persons), trade (5 persons), public administration (4 people), dining (4 persons) and others.

" The ATO willingness of participants to work in the area affected by many factors. In particular, the lack of jobs that match their skills and level of expected yesterday's military salary. Since the labor market is uncommon for successful ATOvtsiv combination of requirements, the employment service oriented professionals to open their own business. Yes, 7 participants ATO received a one-time payment of unemployment benefits for the business organization in the areas of the opening of retail, catering, repair of household goods and personal consumption, as well as growing vegetables " - says Acting Director of Regional Employment Roman Krigan.

On the prospects of getting a better job also affects educational level - almost a third (219 unemployed participants ATO) have vocational education, complete higher - 77 persons, basic and incomplete higher - 54 persons. However ATOvtsiv 256 that are registered have no profession.

At the time of conscription ATU 443 participants were managers, employees and managers, 47 - workers in trade and services, 43 - workers in maintenance and operation of equipment and 13 skilled workers with a tool.

To improve competitiveness in the labor market, by direction of employment, 20 were former military training in demand occupations and all were employed.

Currently registered unemployed is 607 participants ATO. The largest number was registered in Chernivtsi city employment center (114 people) in Zastavna, and Khotyn Kitsman areas (for 74 persons). The smallest is in the area and Novoselytsia m.Novodnistrovsk (10 persons) and Gertsaevsky region (7 persons).
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27-07-2016, 11:56

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