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"I am looking for an apartment. Center. Two rooms. It is desirable from September 1. Without owners. Terms of good repair in order to have all the furniture and appliances. By 1000 hryvnia room. Please realtors do not bother. " Such advertisements in Chernivtsi is growing.

In the center - the only "old fund "

The students (and not only) are looking for accommodation with good conditions, in the city center and ... cheap. And these options, as real estate agents say, virtually none.

- Compared with last year, prices rose too. All are guided by the exchange rate. If last summer could find a good apartment on the Avenue 2.5 thousand, now the same apartment costs 3.5 thousand - says The director of estate agency Vitaly LUMENETSKYY . - Cooperate with the same owners for years. Every season raise the price by 500 UAH. Although the conditions are the same as repairs do not.

Students seeking apartments in the center, because of the schools nearby.

- For the word "center " owners take additional $ 50. Because they know that people are looking for and will - says the realtor.
- Sometimes there are some clients who know all that is in the apartment. Czekh, old fund, Khrushchev, kyyivky, panels, new ... they are quite different. That center - for example - it's just the old fund. This is a very nice apartment, because there meter wall. In summer they cool, and winter do not miss the cold. Here and utilities are less - explains Mr. Vitali.

As they say realtors, students looking for 2-3 bedroom apartments, in order to live a few and pay less. Usually four people living in two rooms. And owners are increasingly looking for people who are willing to pay for a room.
Accommodation in apartments different. Some owners make repairs, apartment equipped with good furniture and appliances. Other conditions do not care about.

- Price corresponds to quality. Nice flat (optional renovated) with furniture and appliances in the center is 3.5 thousand. If below - then without washing machine repair or bad. For good apartment owners also can ask for at least $ 250 - added real estate agent.

Almost all the owners want to get paid each month in the currency. By agreement of people paying in Euro, but in such cases the insured and the owners take the money and last month.

- Most people do not pay for utilities or break something and disappear. Therefore, the owners are almost always asked to pay in advance last month residence - said Vitaly.
Even better - make a contract.

Agent - your guarantor

The formal agreements that protect the rights of the owner and residents are only in the event that you find an apartment through a real estate agency official. In this case, you pay the agency a monthly fee for an apartment.

- Honestly, no realtors apartment is almost impossible to find. And if possible - would be some reason. We have a good database of tested people. We know that they will not steal their tenants or to change accommodation every month. Yes, unfortunately, there are those owners. But we do not already know and work with them. But the man who somehow went straight to the owner, can get into such trouble. Often owners are expelled without cause or students want more money - said the expert.

The realtors explain that good owners even profitable to work with real estate agents. Because they guarantee the holder decent people.

And there is always a danger to encounter dishonest brokers. Chernivtsi fairly common business - providing information services for free apartments and their owners. Brokers offer to buy them a list of apartments and contact their owners 400 UAH. Eventually, the numbers are not valid or apartment have long occupied.

- People bought this because they are attracted by the opportunity to circumvent paying a realtor. They think that will go to the owner, and the need for mediator fall - said Vitaly.

To avoid such cases, agents are advised to follow the realtors in social networks and if possible find out whether the agency is registered.

Also intermediaries emphasize the mistake of putting off students find housing in August. At that time, good apartments are dismantled. The best time to find housing - July.

Prices for apartments (USD)

Old Fund (center) - 2500-6500.
"Czeches " - 2500-5000.
"toolbar " - 2500-4000.
"Khrushchev " - 2500-4000.
"Kyyivky " - 3000-4000.
New buildings - 4000-8000.
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