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Chernivchanka Sergeev told Anna that her daughter did not vinchalasya a favorite because of greed church priest.

When the kids wanted to marry Anne Sergeev, the priest asked them to pay not only for weddings but also for confession, and communion. Moreover, in the church treasury, and he was in his pocket.

- In the Holy Scripture says that every believer must bring part of their income to the church. So not only we, but also in Europe. For example, in the same Germany, - said the monk Nikita, secretary of Chernivtsi Eparchy. - In every church there is a definite need for income and there decide how much money they need. But at the same time, the priority is just the wedding, not the income from it. Therefore, if a person can not pay a certain amount of money for the wedding, she says this priest. If he does not understand it, you need to contact the diocese. Pay for the wedding, where hardship, people are not obliged to.
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23-07-2016, 10:29

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