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Office Derzhpratsi in Chernivtsi region appeals to heads of enterprises, institutions, organizations Bukovina take measures to prevent industrial accidents while increasing the temperature.

In particular, the construction companies in terms of increase in air temperature should be shifted schedule of working hours. Limit the work of employees who perform masonry exterior walls in peak time. Enlarge technological break construction crews. Conduct unscheduled briefing employees who perform work at height.

of water supply and sanitation and agriculture in high ambient temperatures special attention and more control regarding implementation of gas dangerous work and work in confined spaces (hatches, reservoirs, ponds, etc.).

recommended that special attention be paid to: provide workers with personal protective equipment; state and sewage treatment plants, maintenance of works in wells under the personal supervision of managers and specialists and work in booths machinery, not air conditioned.

Employers are obliged to provide appropriate conditions of employees at production facilities in conditions of high temperatures

- to limit the performance of high hazard, including work at height, operate cranes and other construction vehicles and machinery;

- to adjust the schedule of working hours, the length of the shift and lunch breaks, increase the number of process interruptions, namely to establish an early start of the day and therefore its completion, reduce the length of shifts, increasing lunchtime;

- to unscheduled briefing with employees on the requirements of safe operations and provide first aid in case of solar, heat stroke, dizziness;

- man up medical kits in the workplace;

- to conduct medical examinations at the beginning of the shift workers who perform work assigned to work with high-risk or exploit an increased risk and others.


Siesta (Spanish) - short afternoon rest of 12 to 15 hours, which is a common tradition in countries with hot climates.

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