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Bukovinians often become victims of fraud on earnings abroad. This pozpovidayut potrepili themselves.

Thus, the 36-year-old John cuprates decided to go to Russia to earn the car. " A friend said that he is working in Moscow for which pay well - said the man. - We have assembled a team of five people and left. We were met at the station and drove 20 kilometers from Moscow. We had to build a three-story house for a wealthy Russian. They promised 500 rubles per square meter. We estimate that each would earn per month to $ 1,200. Superintendent was Caucasian, which we call Gogh. They lived in an apartment with bare walls, sleeping on mattresses " .

It took a month, but the money is not paid migrant workers. " was given only to products, and the rest were promised later - recalls John. - We continue to work every day from dawn until late at night. Had only one day off - Sunday. Anytime received several thousand Russian rubles are spent on food, because I had something to eat. After 90 days we should leave Russia. Asked Gogh finally pay us. But he suddenly announced that the owner is no money. Like, arrive again, all done while you pay off. Complaining somewhere we could, for working illegally. We went because that had to do - and the police could get there. Hardly begged money for the journey. Stay at home next week and will return to Russia. Maybe give us our money ... "

Many Ukrainian go to work in Poland, where you can also come across scams or dishonest employers. " From Lviv to Poland and I have a dozen workers visas driver who has long been engaged in this, - said Andrey familiar. - He said it would be a great job and a good salary. We took to the field, but promised that will work in the city. We were told to swing their way into the house, eat and get started. We asked around the garden shestymetrovi wooden poles, ropes pulled them and wires. The work is very hard. By evening heard no arms or legs.

stayed there for two weeks. Hearing that I want to go, boss angry and pay only half of the promised. Then I got to collect strawberries. This gentleman treated well for Ukrainian even allowed us to fish in his pond. But I had to quit because the owner did not like " smoking breaks " . This has paid us to be honest - to the penny.

Chernivchanyn Lubomir Puschuk two years he studied in Poland beekeeper. " In between training I tried to earn a little. Professional, where I was, sent me to work on an apiary, where I paid - Lubomir recalls. - In addition, I worked in seasonal jobs, collecting cherries, cherry, apple. The Poles were calculated on time, but tried every way to understate earnings. For example, promise ten zlotys per hour, and pay six or seven. By gathering berries is not an hourly fee, but for crates. During the day you can pick 20-25 boxes of cherries. First, the owner promises one thing and then says, taking less, so it can not pay as much. As a result, migrant worker a few days lost heavily.

There was a scandal with the girls farmer who paid less. The guys who worked in construction, was told that they also understate wages. The owner starts to grumble: " It is not done and there is not ... " . In the end it turns out that agreed to 10 zlotys per square meter stucco or masonry brick, and actually got seven or eight zlotys.

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