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In Bukovina people receive the largest amount of subsidies. It is considered to State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

According to statistics, the average amount of state aid in June amounted to USD 1510.8 per person. With a large margin, we are ahead of other areas that also receive considerable amounts of subsidies.

Behind us is our neighbor - Ternopil region, there are on average a little more than thousand per household. The three leaders have Cherkasy region.
The lowest subsidy counted Kiev - almost ten times compared to Chernivtsi. While in the capital people most actively seek state aid. According to the State Statistics there for subsidies addressed every fourth family. Also lively filed documents for a grant in Vinnitsa and Kharkiv regions. However, the received state aid is not everyone who applied. Yes, most recipients of subsidies resides in Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk.

However, any of these rankings, there Chernivtsi region. In Bukovina, on the contrary, people were very sluggish in the state " with an outstretched hand " .
Since the introduction of new simplified conditions for subsidies in 2015, our region also topped among the regions where the least people applied for state aid. Then social workers explained that his countrymen do not expect help from the state, and more own saved themselves from poverty.

- The size of the subsidy depends on family income and employment. For example, if a person does not work, its revenue for subsidies by previous standards, figured in the amount of one minimum wage (according to the new changes in social norms for subsidies'll take into account two minimum wage). So it turns out that in our region for the subsidy applied mostly retired people who do not work, who have low incomes or families with children, - says Natalya PASICHNYK Deputy Director of Social Welfare RSA. - Given that our region ranks below the penultimate place in Ukraine in terms of average wages and low zanyatist in the region, it turns out that those families who applied for assistance received larger subsidies.

According to Natalia, in April 2015, when lifted restrictions on subsidies, state aid to social protection applied ten times more families than subsidies received by then. Of the nine thousand households subsydiantiv number has grown to over 100,000 in 2015 and almost 16 times - up to today.
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2-07-2016, 11:03

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