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In commercial establishments Chernovtsy city council proposes to refuse plastic bags.

In particular, the site is an appropriate treatment to entities engaged in wholesale, retail trade activities in food and non-food items in Chernivtsi.

Chernivtsi City Council decision on 26.05.2016r. # 244 " On reviewing the e-petition Nikolaeva IV to ban / restriction of the use of plastic bags in stores and points of sale of goods " , according to which entities recommended limit of trade turnover of plastic bags, offer customers an alternative - biological polymer bags or recycled bags, reusable bag and more.

In this case, pay attention that the main danger of the use of plastic bags is the complexity of their disposal as polyethylene derived from petroleum - not a renewable natural source. In the soil it decomposes at least 200 years, and the burning identifies dangerous toxins that accumulate in the environment and in living organisms.

Excessive plastic container in the home, the lack of advanced methods of mass removal of garbage and recycling leads to environmental pollution.

Today, there is a real alternative to using disposable plastic bags - Bio-polymer or paper bags, reusable bag and so on. In world practice, there are many different examples limit the use of plastic bags, which generally contributes to the gradual replacement of packaging materials environmentally friendly.

The problem of the use and disposal of single-use packages that are made wholly or partly of polymers is important for society and requires regulation to maintain a satisfactory ecological situation.

It should be noted that some large supermarkets in Chernivtsi already switched to the use of biological plastic packages that break down over time and do not leave behind and dust.

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2-07-2016, 10:24

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