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From the beginning of the summer recreational season on the road Bukovina 6 accident happened involving minors.

Six children were on vacation instead of hospital beds from injuries they received as a result of road accidents, the press service of the Department of Road Safety in Chernivtsi region.

Almost 80% of accidents involving minors is the fault of adults - drivers. Most children (51%) passengers injured as a result of irresponsible driver. Among the victims: two passengers, one pedestrian, 2velosypedysta 1 moped driver.

Office of Road Safety recalls that the most common traffic violations kids is the sudden appearance on the roadway, the transition road in prohibited place or the illegal traffic signal, games near the road, and violation of children, cyclists and drivers of scooters.

We emphasize that to know and follow the rules of road safety must not only children but also adults, of which they are an example. After all, the best method of education - is an example of adults. In other words, the success of prevention of child road traffic injuries depends on the mind, personal culture and discipline each of us. To the child does not violate traffic rules, it should not only know them - should form a habit to follow. Try to be paid to the safety of more time, remind each elementary rules of behavior on the road, and show by example how to behave while participating in traffic, required 'sure to check the knowledge learned.

bicycles, roller - these tools are so fond of kids, can play a cruel joke. After zabavyvshys child is inattentive, but its behavior is often unpredictable. Pay special attention that numerous cases of control motorcycle teenagers who have not only driving licenses but required knowledge of traffic rules and skills as a result of hitting the heavy traffic flow is not always adequately assess the traffic situation and a loss, unable to cope with the management, fall in an accident.

drivers need to increase attention to small pedestrians. Remember the child's behavior on the road is often unpredictable. So be especially careful when driving and pedestrian crossings in areas of possible occurrence of children. Advance reducing speed, stop and skip children crossing the road in the dark time be especially careful.

Each driver must always also city 'favorites, the baby in the car depends entirely on the responsibility of adults neglect basic security measures leads to injury. When transporting children in motor vehicles take care of additional protection, mandatory seat belt use for kids car seats must be installed, taking into account the child's age.

appealing to adults - children safety depends primarily on you. Dear drivers, parents! Take care to children summer was filled with only pleasant memories, let's together make every effort to roads childhood were always safe!

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30-06-2016, 10:02

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