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In Chernivtsi before the concert, Svetlana Loboda, which was held on Saturday, June 25, in the Summer Theater, the road poured tomato juice, which symbolizes the blood of our soldiers.

Recall that it was.

A few minutes before the concert halls of the home crowd was almost no audience. All Loboda fans gathered in front of the Summer Theatre and did not dare go inside.

As activists "zafarbuvaly " a significant portion of asphalt in front of the entrance door to the main entrance.

- This is the blood of our soldiers, our soldiers, our heroes who are killed in the east of you - activists appealed to the people who gathered in front of the theater. There were Chernivtsi, who walked with the kids or just relaxing. But there were also quite a few potential viewers who have purchased tickets to the concert.

All were silent.

- Well shame on you go on the blood of people who protect the country from the enemy? Shamenitsya! Is it possible to pay money to the person (referring to the weeds - auth.)? It will be in front of you sr..koyu twist, and she said that Putin steep. Otyamtesya, people! - Activists appealed to the audience.

drama added that it received the tragic news that the Donbas killed another Bukovinets.

- The war has just lost another of our fellow countryman Oleg Kosovan his being taken home in a coffin, and you celebrate? Is it fun? - Trying to "reach " activists.

In the crowd could be heard as people pondered how to get around "bloody " spot. Some have gone to bypass the theater. Some people went to the theater doors along the back row of police officers who lined up tightly along the theater.

Generally noticeable that measure strengthened guard. On all sides of the Summer Theatre was a lot of police officers, employees of security firm, and walked along institution dog handlers with dogs.

A few minutes stupor, and other spectators with tickets and entered the hall under the guise of police ranks.

This action Loboda fans did not stop the crowd went to the concert.

Note Loboda famed loyalty to the aggressor. During the war in Ukraine goes on tour in Russia and entertaining vipiv who openly support the capture Ukrainian territory.

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