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During the three summer months are expected all kinds of natural disasters: heat, storm, hail, storm, storm.

June Bukovina rains began, but the weather is common for the region, assured the head of the regional Hydrometeocentre Tatiana Nehadaylova.

The record drought is expected

- The rains in June the norm for us, but we have already forgotten the last four dry years - said Mrs. Tatiana. - The current rains are very favorable for the region: popovnyatsya groundwater to rise the water level in wells. In small rivers flood Bukovina observed no adverse effects, which is also useful for cleaning riverbeds. Overall in June, is expected in comfortable weather with short-term deposits and Lows _plus_20-25 degrees. This is slightly higher than normal but lower than last year.

this summer, according to head of the department of environmental studies and long-term weather forecasts Ukrainian Meteorological Research Institute Wazir MARTAZINOVOYI will begin on 10 June. Although not prohrivatymetsya temperature more than 28 degrees. Every three or four days of rain is expected. And in the middle of the month - with strong thunderstorms and storm events. After June 20 will return heat - to plus 30 degrees.

- Summer 2016 will be volatile, with unstable weather - predicts V. Martazinova. - Although a record of prolonged drought or record heavy rains are expected. Hot periods will be short-lived. The hottest is in July. On some days the temperature in the shade prohrivatymetsya to 34 degrees, and the sun - even the night is 40. decline to 20-22 degrees. Rains are expected only in the beginning, middle and end of the month, according to two or three days. From 10 to 20 July forecast a decade of dry - no rain. Most heavy rains expected in August, especially from 13 to 16. At the beginning of the month and even possible hail storm. But the end of August, comfort and warm, dry weather.

When a ball lightning does not move

In recent years in Ukraine because of hot weather in the summer there are severe thunderstorms with lightning and even tornadoes.

- During a thunderstorm can form a fireball, which is extremely dangerous, - assured the director of the think tank climatologist Basil TROTSYUK. - It explodes as soon as something touches. Therefore, when the weather should close all doors and windows. If the fireball entered your home, or you have to lie on the floor or stand still and do not move. And be sure to set aside from you mobile phone, because it attracts a charge through it. Tornado emerging at an altitude of about 3-10 kilometers, and then goes down. It has a vertical axis of rotation, the air moving counterclockwise at a speed of over 50 kilometers per hour. Its width averages from 50 to 100 meters, and it can go up to a kilometer and a half. The duration of this phenomenon - from five minutes to half an hour.

- Even half a century ago tornadoes recorded in Ukraine only once in 10 years - said senior researcher of the Ukrainian Research Hydrometeorological Institute Boris Leskov. - But because of climate change these events become more frequent, and their displays have been intensified. Recently, this happens every year. In 2000, a powerful tornado in Vinnytsia region " drink " water from the pond along with frogs and fish and " spat " at a distance of half a kilometer. His victims were animals, people. You can escape the tornado. The main thing - do not stand in his way. If possible, hide in the basement, where it does not reach.

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