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" I like Ukrainian girls. They are family - in the first place. They are thrifty, responsible, love children. Not that our women - they do not care, they would only clubs in the morning to go and have fun " - wrote Tatyana Andrew social networks in New Zealand.

and added that for these reasons only wants to marry a Ukrainian. " I live in the countryside, have a house, farm. I want to find a Ukrainian who will take care of the house and raise children. I have nothing against it, so that it is carried their relatives here " - said Andrew.

Chernivchanka Olga year working in the US. Now campaigning his girlfriend Irina, in order and recorded on a dating site with the Americans. Assures that among Ukrainian there the men are very popular. For American girls, they say, frivolous, children do not want to, but there are still many who kolyutsya.

Arabs nothing to say. They especially like the Ukrainians. Almost every Ukrainian, which is registered in the social networks, fans are among the inhabitants of Arab countries. They are quite active, often write, try even Russian.

In short, the Ukrainian quite popular among foreigners. The reasons are different: someone looking for a hardworking and humble housewife, someone seems that our women are more readily available. However, be careful not to paint yourself in the mind the image of a prince on a white horse, says marriage agency worker in Chernovtsy Oksana

-Choloviky Arab countries especially the case for our women - says Oksana. - They do everything in order to please, know how to present themselves, dress well, buy a expensive things. For example, now Chernivtsi even " chip " this was - " Arabs to BMW " . And often they manage to win the heart of Ukrainian girl. But the stories of friends know that such stories rarely end happily. The explanation is simple - in countries where treatment of women differently from men begin to look slov'yanok. After all, in the Arab world a woman is not so easy zavedesh novel, there is usually necessary to get married. The Arabs believe that the Slav more readily available. But they often wind relationship, promise mountains of gold, and then go home with the promise to return and disappear " meet " . A Ukrainian girl, maybe five years with him lived and cooked borsch him.

Most other men from countries like, say, Canada, the Netherlands, conducts Oksana. Wanted woman for serious relationship. However, they seek the services of marriage agencies often.

-Perevazhno this middle-aged men - says Oksana. - They are not poor, but especially the wealthy among them. If caught and businessmen, the middle level. For example, holding the right people and wants a woman who would sit next to that field in the country. This needs to women in all almost the same - and that is good, and smart, and most importantly, age - from 25 to 35 years. So anything that he may be under 60 years.

Ukrainian often seek happiness abroad. Some of them turn to marriage agencies, and those who know English, communicate directly with foreigners via social networks.

-Prychyny that women seeking foreigners are different, and their list in recent years has increased due to the hostilities in the east of Ukraine, - says Oksana. - Preferred " imports " brides looking for women aged 25 to 40 years, often single or divorced, at least - with children. Most of them samorealizovani, " advanced " . " Zaturkani " does not apply, since by virtue of its systems could not dare to take this step. Those who want to find happiness abroad, I advise you to be patient and not lose hope, seek ...

" Communicate in order to improve the English "
Inna, 31

-I almost two years corresponded with American named Scott. He liked me. Cute, athletic build. Still, military, served in spetsviyskah NATO in Afghanistan even been there a long time injured and treated. He told me all about it and told it was interesting. I'm certainly not pinned much hope and yet was sort of an idea - what if something really out of this? And then he was gone, stopped writing. Some time later I learned that he married a Russian woman. It turns out he also corresponded with others.

I also corresponded with a guy from New Zealand. But when he once stated in a vulgar photo social network, I removed it from friends.

There is talk of Romanians. He was about 40 years when he constantly makes me compliments. But it is not something I like. Frankly, I communicate with him only because, in order to improve their English.

In general, I do not want to marry a foreigner, although I also like. Not too believe that the way found the man of her dreams. For me it's more fun.

It is best to first meet " in its territory "

Victoria SANDULYAK psychologist public association " -child family -suspilstvo " :

-How to any other marriage, marriage to a foreigner should be formed on the basis of mutual understanding, mutual trust and mutual respect required, that is equal. I can not say that marriage with a foreigner is something different from marriage with not a foreigner. In any case, the matter is also common faith, values, at least approximately equal education, so that people have something to talk about, that they had common interests, hobbies. A woman who is going to marry a foreigner must understand what he is looking for a wife, and if she agrees to be the wife needed him.

Should I look for dating? It depends on the purpose for which a woman does. It is important for a sincere answer to the question - what I really want. I want a prosperous life with a rich man, no matter whether it is reasonable or beautiful, would I like? Or I just want to love, the person will be interesting to watch the same movie or a walk in the park and admire the flowers.

should do everything in order to start relationship with a foreigner was as safer for women. For example, the first meeting - in Ukraine, in its territory where the woman knows what it is defense that she is not alone. Rather than go to some Arab Emirates, in order to see a man who can be there to close it. Here, in any case safer.

And, of course, treat yourself with respect, always remember that I " okay " . Yes, I'm a country, where war, where poverty, very difficult time. But while I am not in the least less expensive than the person who was lucky to be born in a country where the best level of economic development.
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