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For the active work of the brain vital good water and oxygen, writes newspaper " Good health! " .

Therefore, you should pay attention to foods that break up blood and gently stimulating circulation. Also important for the brain vitamins B, vitamins C, E and K, omega-3 fatty acids, trace elements - iodine, selenium and phosphorus.

So that graduates should eat before exams?


Slices of lemon added to tea, enough to improve memory. The fact that vitamin C prevents forgetfulness and helps to keep in mind all that will be required in the coming hours.


First - oily sea. However, freshwater is also rich in vitamins and nutrients for the brain. Oily sea fish is omega-3 fatty acids, without which it can not fully work the gray matter of the brain or nervous system. Without them, deteriorating memory, intelligence, having depression and aggression. In addition, fish contains iodine and phosphorus - are also important elements for the brain.


Particularly useful are walnuts. They contain vitamins B, without which our brains can not fully work. Another important vitamin - E, it prevents the destruction of brain cells, makes memory worse. Fatty acids contained in nuts, along with vitamins and amino acids, zinc and magnesium developing thinking and stimulate the brain.


It is rich in iodine. And this trace element vital to our brain, it supports mental clarity and increases IQ.

broccoli and other cabbage

One of the main sources of vitamin K, which enhances the brain. Also, it contains boron. The lack of this trace element reduces the brain activity. In general, for the brain is very useful all kinds of cabbage, for example, Brussels increases the ability to concentrate.

Before the test is better to abandon

energy drinks, chocolate and candies, cookies, chips, French fries and other fatty foods difficult. This greatly increases blood sugar, which gives a brief burst of energy, and is the decline - lethargy and apathy.

For more on how students eat before testing recipes and useful read in the newspaper " Good health! " in May (5) - it can be purchased at kiosks for the sale of the press only 3 hryvnia.

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