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Recently, the deputies proposed a draft law on quotas speech radio, including music content. According to him, almost all TV and radioprostir should be filled with Ukrainian sound.

In particular music radio programs in the works of Ukrainian artists should be given 50 percent of the daily volume of speech, and his share of songs within Ukrainian must be at least 75 percent. Radio stations have to assume liability for the uniform distribution of content throughout the running time. The authors believe that the bill will facilitate the development of national music industry.

However, as it turned out, not all had to taste.

MP from the MFP Vladislav SEVRYUKOV noted that it is necessary to rely on the European experience and shared a dream to create a national network of Ukrainian music.

National Council member Sergei Kostynskyy expressed his vision of the bill " Do not take a quota restrictions. This is the minimum that must be just and all. And as you want in Ukrainian - this is your issue. The main thing for us, that was the least accurate " .

Many interesting questions about how to be Ukrainian artists who write good quality music in English, Russian, Polish, Tatar, Romanian (important for Bukovina) and others. How about instrumental, classical, jazz?

" The fact that it was still not too many Ukrainian music on the radio - a consequence, but must look at the root. No quotas should assist and develop the market, create conditions in order to permit the record, tour. Bands are many, but if there were at least 10 who could dorivnyaty quality " Okean Elzy " , we can speak of such a high percentage. We need a high quality product. It should contribute to its manufacture. Then there will arise the question of quotas " - said ChNU journalism lecturer, organizer of the festival etnoduhovnoho " The renewal Fest " Marian Lazaruk.

" I think that this bill will positively affect the development of culture in the country so that people will be interested in national music. A stimulus and create more opportunities Ukrainian quality product.

It is clear that it will be mostly " pop " may not be too high test, but still better than Russian, which sometimes reaches the floor. Of course, the question is what about those who write in English. First, they still only 25%, and secondly, over time, could be slightly reduced rate. General " to plant " at first worthwhile. Perhaps even now the Ukrainian learn that we are not only Okean Elzy " - shares his expectations lead singer " monopoly " Alexei Ivankov.

In contrast, there is another vision.

" The bill crude. It discriminates against my law and my colleagues (Tatars, Jews, Georgians) who work here, but do not write the music Ukrainian. Our group, by the way, now do not take on various patriotic festival, the lyrics I write are not native and English. If the bill is adopted, many artists will be forced to seek work abroad " - says English musician Chernivtsi band " 7 a.m. " Denis Semenyuk.

How can they?

In Poland, 33% of the amount of the quarterly program should be Polish (60% of this amount should be broadcast during 05.00-00.00).
In France - 40% for French-speaking music (20% for new artists) during 06.30-10.30.

Oksana Kravtsova

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3-05-2016, 11:46

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