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Read in the paper " Good health! "

The largest number of applications in the gastroenterology department of hospitals falls on New Year's, Easter and May holidays - writes newspaper " Good health! " .

However, the pleasures to indulge is not necessary. It is important to reduce the amount eaten and did not connect incompatible products.

Here are some simple ways to get out of the post with pleasure, but without compromising health.

- A bit of everything.
During rozhovinnya can eat for only small pieces so as not to burden the body. Festive table usually consists of fat, meat and bakery products. If you want to eat it - put a little of everything you want to try on a plate.

- Try not to eat quickly. So you can try everything slowly and enjoy the food.

- Take enzymes. It is desirable that it was a capsule. Take the drug preferably before meals or during lunch.

- not dedicate entire holiday meal. Consider in advance what will be engaged at Easter. It is advisable to go from the table to breathe the air, poruhatysya, aside from food intake.

- Do not wash down the food with water. Water is the best drink for half an hour before meals or one hour after, or worse digestion, increases the risk of complications.

Recipes of traditional medicine
The leaves of raspberry - from indigestion

Leaves raspberries may help cope with gastrointestinal problems, deprived of gastritis and indigestion.
4 hours. L. raspberry leaf brew 400 ml of boiling water, filter and drink pivsklyanky4 times a day.
    -   ,

For more on how to eat for Easter, not to hurt yourself, read the newspaper " Good health! " - it can be purchased at kiosks for the sale of the press only 3 hryvnia.

"Good health! " , you can subscribe to all regions of Ukraine.
Subscription index - 86627.
The cost for 6 months - only 24 hryvnia!
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