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The military service in Ukraine is "male " profession. However, there are a lot of the ladies that destroy this stereotype. One of these girls - Darius Velichko from Kruglik Khotyn district.

This is reported by "Hotinskaya news ".

- After training in professional lyceums Stavchany determined to go to war - says the girl. - Always wanted to try on the form, try army life. Not the strongest impetus for this decision was the subject of a story my teacher "Civil Defense " that his daughter serving in the armed forces. Thought: what I worse? As for military service are not girls, went under contract.

Mother novobranky Inna V. remembers how her daughter refused on such a move, saying that girls should not serve cited other arguments, but Darius firmly stood his ground.

- The daughter without my knowledge has passed a medical examination, - she recalls - and when her left hand over the last analysis, I have put before the fact: "Mom, I'm going into the army ". First, of course, was a shock, but when she saw how strongly it is set up, resigned. Especially because in my family were husband and two brothers. Of course, worried for her, but support. While convinced that the army should go guys, especially in the current difficult time.

Now the young kontraktnytsya at the training center in the city. Starychi in Lviv. It will be served in one of the military units of the Armed Forces.

By the way, besides Darius, the last three years to go to war wish to four Khotyn district resident aged 24 to 40 years oh.

Darius says he wants to understand whether military service - its vocation: "So far, signed a contract for three years. During this time vyznachusya whether to continue it or go home. "

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