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If the Chernivtsi City Council elections were held this month, the deputies of the "People's control " in this term was not used. Instead, the party would have passed "dill ". In addition, the increased confidence in the Chernivtsi "Liberty ". Such information published Makovetsky Institute of Sociology.

It is said in the story TBA .

- I do not see what itself showed "Freedom ", or, conversely, "People's control " so-so disgraced to lose interest, especially so quickly - said Alexey Kandyuk, a political scientist.

The political scientist says elections to Chernivtsi city council may, for the three months of its new structure effectively not working or deputies, or mayor. However, new elections are unlikely to change anything. Because the deputies are not afraid of this scenario, and therefore believe that the mandates will not lose, says the expert.

- In general, the fact that 'is a study of whether elections can be the Chernivtsi City Council indicates that somehow already know people think. I mean the people who are going to participate in them - said Alexey Kandyuk, a political scientist.

On the possibility of local elections reflected the Institute Makovetsky. Actually, it is the customer research. From 1st to 6th February experts, sociologists interviewed personally Chernivtsi in 1000, aged 18. Asked who they want to see in the city council if the elections were held in February this year. The statistical error of the survey - more than 3%. And if the issue of local elections is not urgent, then the re-election of the President and Parliament speak long. For, ranking faction "People's Front " and "MFP " has fallen sharply, according to sociologists. Instead, "Fatherland " its credibility among Chernivtsi, experts say, raises.

- Questions that increase the ratings of Yulia Tymoshenko and other such forces will lead to a traditional Ukrainian "pendulum effect ". When we choose the first one that did not do, then - others who do not. This is not really a good scenario - said Alexey Kandyuk.

Still, the analyst says even a second vote to nothing lead. For, in his opinion, the Ukrainian always chosen from among the poor and even worse. And polls - demonstration of trends rather than why to believe unquestioningly.

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11-02-2016, 01:48

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