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In Vizhnitsky region Chernovtsy region initiated a preliminary investigation into the possible commission of crimes (falsification of election documents) in determining the results of elections to Beregomet village council.

Told on Facebook Vyzhnytsya deputy city council Maxim Bakhteyeva, says GM "POLE ".

The idea is that certain candidates who won the constituency in Beregomet settlement and in the multi-district council in Vyzhnytsya simultaneously, were elected to the district council, which may be a violation of election law. Currently, a court opened criminal proceedings "on the introduction of false information about election results at constituency 18 at a polling station to 730009 Beregomet village councils Vyzhnytsya district of Chernivtsi region."

In November 2015 Vizhnitskaya district election commission deputies of the regional council of three persons, in addition to the multi elections (district council), won in single-member constituencies to Beregomet village council. According to the law on local elections, in the event of victory in the elections to the two respective boards, they would have to be deputies of the village council, while their place in the district council would take following the order of candidates corresponding local party organizations. However, the elected deputies were recognized Vyzhnytsya District Council and 27 December 2015 to Beregomet village council held repeated elections.

According to the protocol Vyzhnytsya district election commission on the election of deputies Vyzhnytsya District Council, namely item number 18, to the district council Vyzhnytsya among other MPs were elected and Basil Mendryshoru of Svoboda in the constituency 10, Ruslan Pogrebnyak from PA Homeland in the constituency 9 and Tatyana Tyrone as the first issue of the electoral list of the Agrarian Party. These candidates, the head of the village Beregomet Election Commission Vladimir Chekita also won in single-seat constituencies in the election Beregomet village council.

Part 11 of Article 86 of the Law on Local Elections question: if elected one of the candidates included in the electoral list of the local party deputy in multi-member constituency and a member of the single-seat constituency, village, town or city head or mayor, a candidate shall be deemed elected pursuant deputy in single-mandate constituency, village, settlement, city mayor or mayor.

In an interview with the Observer OPORA Vladimir Chekit noted that the above winners were recognized Beregomet by the village election committee elected deputies of the village council, arguing that writing them in two - three days before the election (22 - 23 October) applications refusing to be deputies of the respective village council in the event of his victory. According to Tatyana Taron, to withdraw from the election in accordance with paragraph 1 of Part 1 of Article 47 (territorial election commission cancels the decision on registration of candidates in single-mandate constituency in any application suitable candidate at any time after its registration, but no later than 19 days before polling day, a written statement of refusal of entry) candidate did not have time, so the above prepared statement, based on the explanation in this regard the central office of the Agrarian Party. Consequently, in determining the election results by the village committee had decided to hold repeat elections to village councils in three single-mandate constituencies December 27, 2015.

Also in the documents submitted OPORA Vyzhnytsya deputy city council Maxim Bakhteyeva contained Storozhynetsky conclusion of the Main Administration of the National Police in the Chernivtsi region, which contains information about the people surveyed. In particular, interviewed Tatiana Tyrone said that actually participated in elections to village and district councils, but "while it appealed to Beregomet town election commission statement, which refused the deputy mandate if he wins the election to the village board."

in Article 2 of the Law on Local Elections 85 entitles the local village election committee at its meeting on the basis of the composite its protocol on the election of MPs in single-mandate constituency to decide on recognition of MP-elect, repeat voting or recognition elections those that did not happen.

However, the law "On Local Elections" No provision under which the refusal of the person who won the election of the deputy's mandate (at the end of term potential for its appeal for the abolition of registration of a candidate - 5 October) is the reason for not recognition of the person elected territorial election commission in the relevant constituency.

President Vyzhnytsya district election commission Natalia Bernik commented observer OPORA election of the persons deputies District Council as follows:

- The decision on electing Basil Mendryshory Ruslana Pogrebnyak and Tatiana Tyrone deputies Vyzhnytsya District Council, RIC took appropriate on the basis of allegations of lack of joint representative mandate, filed under and 31 other deputies of district election commission. Facts election to municipal and village councils newly elected District Council District Election Commission have not been tested. Further, if there are any questions and if they lied to us - so sue.

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