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On 19 January in Bukovina surgical department Storozhynets Central Hospital hospitalized man born in 1959 diagnosed with frostbite of both feet II-III degree. Condition moderately injured, the press service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region.

Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region reminds citizens: to prevent accidents to people because of hypothermia and frostbite in the Chernivtsi region organized work stationary points heating where everyone can warm up and get hot meals .

There are simple safety rules, compliance with which will avoid frostbite and hypothermia. Dress so that between the layers of clothes floating layer of air that keeps warmth. Outerwear advisable to wear waterproof. Do not use alcohol - alcohol intoxication contributes to the high loss of heat at the same time is an illusion of warmth. Returning home after a long walk in the cold, be sure to verify the absence of freezing limbs, ears and nose. If necessary in time to start your treatment frostbite. If you stay outdoors you start experiencing hypothermia, immediately go to a warm room - shop, cafe entrance - for warming and review places potential frostbite. If you car broke down far from the village or in unfamiliar terrain, better stay there and help by phone call or wait for another car.

Actions in providing first aid vary depending on the degree of frostbite, state general cooling of the human body, his age and existing diseases. When providing first aid must terminate cooling, warm the limbs to restore blood circulation in the affected tissues from cold to prevent the development of infectious complications. First of all it is necessary to send the victim to the nearest warm room, take off his shoes, outerwear, socks and gloves. Along with the activities, you need to call an ambulance for qualified measures to rescue the victim. In general cooling of the human body mild enough effective treatment is warming the victim into a warm bath of water at an initial temperature of 24 C, the water temperature is gradually increased to the normal human body temperature. In the case of a victim medium or severe cooling in violation of breathing and circulation, the person must quickly take to the hospital.

Note that the implementation of these safety regulations will help maintain your health.

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