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A native of Chernivtsi Inna has Haponko n 'fifth year living in a Muslim country Qatar in the far East. It all started with physician work contract that could one day forever changed the way of life of our compatriot.

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I moved from Ukraine in 2012 because of dissatisfaction with the health care system and a small salary physicians. Through agency has found a job in Doha and arrived on the contract.


At first it was hard, the first month woke up at 5 am because the mosque, which is located nearby, began to pray, and could not understand where I was and with me. Then gradually adapted. Social life in Qatar differs radically from other countries. This is - a Muslim country, and you have to adapt.

patriotism at a distance

It seems to me that at a distance love for the country begins to show more. When you notice on the road with the Ukrainian flag sticker on someone's car, it can bring you to tears. The hardest thing was to explain all that I am and that Ukraine is not the same as Russia. When I arrived in Qatar, Ministry where I draw up the documents, said the total recorded in 50 Ukrainian, and not even our embassy. Qatar very multinational. It was so weird when I met people from any post-Soviet country, rejoiced as a child. Later I had the idea to create a Facebook group "Ukrainians in Qatar " to somehow meet with other Ukrainian and arrange a meeting. I did not expect that this group will come later almost 650 people! We meet, we celebrate Independence Day, support Ukrainian athletes, when they get to the competition in Qatar. They collected and sent money for dentures girl in Mariupol, through whose separatist attack killed my mother, and she severed leg, helping several orphanages in the zone blood pressure. We try to help my country as we can, even from far eastern countries. We are all patriots, and so far it feels even more!


Ukrainian workers are among almost all professional doctors, managers, staff hospitality, advertising, musicians and many others. We are valued as professionals and decent employees. Pay, of course, depends on the place of work and position, but it is greater than at home. Unfortunately, very often we face the problem that it is difficult to confirm our diplomas, so we need to take the examination. But lately, more and more young people come. It was very prestigious to have a beautiful Ukrainian girls and boys in 5-star hotels and restaurants. The average salary varies from 2000 USD, but usually gets more qualified specialist, sometimes up to 5,000 USD.


Unfortunately, none of the Ukrainian artists did not get to Qatar, but if it happened, it would be incredible! Most of all I am grateful to Qatar for what there met her future husband. We happily married for several years and is still thankful for our meeting, because how small the girl had chances of Ukraine and the man from South Africa to meet in the far eastern country.


Due to the specific climate almost all year too hot, nobody goes on foot, general transport was not enough, the only place where you can see a crowd of people, it is - shops or the park. Kitchen Qatari almost no different from other Arab. Typically, a rice, chicken, vegetables. It occupies an important place dates. Even during Ramadan after sunset in the city are special trolleys from which everyone treated to special dates and Arabic coffee. Cathar very respected their nation. It- kingdom, and the king, sheikh, takes care of his people. But they respect other nations and having fun studying other cultures. Especially in artistic circles highly valued our artists and musicians.

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18-01-2016, 01:25

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