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The mother and daughter did not want to return to Russia, Ukraine for love. And can not live here, they do not have Ukrainian citizenship. To become a Ukrainian women officially decided to write a letter to the President.

Rossiyanka Eugenia shows pictures where she is with her daughter at home in St. Petersburg. In Ukraine, arrived in 2011 - in Chernivtsi her waiting groom, said in the story TRK pbuh .

Yevgeny Voronin, pereselenka: " On pryehal us, we were taken. At that time nykakyh tyazhelh relations Between countries was not. That was the All Good, This bl 11 hours. We syuda pereehaly became live here. In 2012 we born Son " .

The daughter Eugenia, Arina, immediately went to the school. She had to learn the language. Yes, for it is not difficult: the girl teperpyshe patriotic poems and won the contests in Ukrainian. Describes Ukraine she likes more.

Arina Tyeryehova daughter Eugenia: " Here zhyvetsya better, here somehow komfortnee. People better co otnosjatsja me. As b That's the No As racism, How Many They say something bad for rossyyanam otnosjatsja. No, on the contrary, everything co otnosjatsja me well. That was the Ukrainian language vuchyt not severe. Vuchyla literally Several weeks, so basic. But with further taught Classmates " .

Miroslav Kaminska, classroom teacher, " Arina - a good student. Studies in this school with 2 classes of high and sufficient level. Has a slope to the humanities. Generally it is good given all subjects. It was pleased to note that last year she won 3rd place in the second stage of the international competition named after Taras Shevchenko " .

The Ukrainian citizenship in Eugene and Arina there, and the temporary certificate was invalid in the summer of last year. To get help again, they need to go back to. But they do not dare to cross the border.

Yevgeny Voronin, pereselenka: " Vehat tuda, abroad, Given that, there's something happening, well, somehow, me hochetsya bt mother living dvoyh children. Me, honestly say scary tuda vezzhat. Naturally, anyone As normal, law-abiding citizen hochetsya me lehalyzovat Pos own way, just after what I sobyrayus lived all his life. Here is my PAID here My husband, My Son. Here uchytsya my daughter. We here zhyvem and nykuda uezzhat Hence not sobyraemsya " .

The woman says, likes to help Ukraine and Ukrainian troops, so their desire not desperate. For citizenship, Eugene wrote to the President of Petro Poroshenko.

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