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In Chernivtsi triumphantly held theatrical collective performance of Lviv "Pagliacci involuntarily ". Chernivtsi laughing and crying along with the actors.

On Wednesday in Chernivtsi theater was a full house. The crowd warmly responded to the action - again and again-hall burst into laughter. I think everyone can identify themselves and the situations that occur in everyday life.

The performances raised Inhabitants close and passionate topic for many constant lack of money.

Normal family where the mother - a teacher in high school, and his father - actor ever with great prospects, and forced to play by decades on children raised wonderful children. Which also survive as they can, but they are not very lucky: a daughter - a young doctor without work, and his son, an aspiring musician, who all "caulk " because of his love for the drums too loud.

Because of the reluctance to acknowledge its own failure and fear of success is a family show, people are forced to briefly wealthy family. For this without settled in a luxurious apartment that care and perevtilyuyutsya themselves in new roles: CEO of a large enterprise, university rector son studying in Oksvordi and daughter have their own clinic.

However due to lack of funds for long - staying until relatives - were vegetarians and raw-foodists.

What happened with that brilliantly showed Lviv actors. Despite the tragicomedy of the situation, heroes, clowns can genuinely fun and enjoy life.

Recall Chernivtsi festival lasts comedy "Gold applause Bukovina ".

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28-10-2015, 23:47

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