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Why wait , someone will come to you to clean
13-11-2013, 11:58 Read more
About people and animals
13-11-2013, 10:27 Read more
On tourists and weekend
7-11-2013, 09:37 Read more
Or when old age - joy
1-11-2013, 17:26 Read more
Janitors of Chernivtsi
25-10-2013, 12:40 Read more
Correct necessary not only numbers
23-10-2013, 11:00 Read more
Once planned to deepen the river Prut
21-10-2013, 12:27 Read more
If they earned it
14-10-2013, 16:00 Read more
Even during the Day of vandals not strymalysya
10-10-2013, 15:25 Read more
I advise you to buy safe thermometer
4-10-2013, 11:00 Read more
With parents not only save money on repairs
20-09-2013, 12:48 Read more
Deficiency of culture and spirituality in all aspects of life
6-09-2013, 10:26 Read more
Are our children do not want to be kind and compassionate ?
6-09-2013, 09:21 Read more
On the achievements of civilization
14-08-2013, 10:40 Read more
Swarms of cockroaches and house without electricity - children's everyday medical institutions
7-08-2013, 10:43 Read more
Must kyvatysy ...
20-07-2013, 16:15 Read more
Craftsmen has become the town of Chinese merchandise
17-07-2013, 14:18 Read more
Parents buy, but do not explain how and where to use
11-07-2013, 12:33 Read more
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