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Chernivtsi discuss estates dropped powers
27-02-2014, 11:47 Read more
Landfill arranged in the recreational area
10-02-2014, 16:44 Read more
They talked about the split of the country - both the authorities and the opposition
7-02-2014, 15:30 Read more
Due to their social tickets are now much more
6-02-2014, 09:44 Read more
When children and their future
23-01-2014, 10:30 Read more
On civility in stores
16-01-2014, 11:03 Read more
It all started well and elevated
9-01-2014, 10:44 Read more
On the last session of the City Council in 2013
3-01-2014, 10:16 Read more
In Ukraine were noble people - anyone follow them
28-12-2013, 15:32 Read more
He looks like a set hendelykiv
26-12-2013, 11:11 Read more
Still many lives fear of the authorities
24-12-2013, 11:08 Read more
zer gut not for us
10-12-2013, 18:14 Read more
The main thing - not dispersed
4-12-2013, 11:38 Read more
What happens next is not to say no one will be able to
3-12-2013, 16:29 Read more
The answer to this difficult question lies in the fact on which side of the barricades will be the armed forces and uniformed officers and law enforcement
3-12-2013, 16:23 Read more
Students freeze - Policy piaryatsya
27-11-2013, 12:15 Read more
Families with children need
25-11-2013, 11:33 Read more
About Switch and common sense
21-11-2013, 11:36 Read more
On normal kids
18-11-2013, 12:44 Read more
Do not disturb those pictures free pictures
15-11-2013, 19:51 Read more
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